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My Name is Sourav Yadav. And I Created Theneway Blog for Men who wants to Rise Up Higher than the Average, the Majority, the 99% people and this Modern Matrix Slave System.

Through Theneway, I will share my experiences, advices, secrets and No-BS strategies to Win at the Game of Life and Achieve Success, the Dreams, and the Greatness.

This Blog will Gradually Cover everything you need to Achieve your Highest Self and Win at life. From Fitness, to Business, to Relationships.


Want to Maximize Your Health

Read My Best Articles On Maximizing Health and Fitness:

ways to increase testosterone - theneway

12 Sure Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

With More Testosterone you will have More Motivation, Drive, Energy, Strength, Muscle Gain, and All those Masculine Traits you Need

intermittent fasting theneway

Intermittent Fasting: The Ultimate Easy Guide

This is the Ulimate guide to intermittent fasting which will help you to lose fat while preserving the muscle and Also Improve your Overall Health When you Eat like A Lion and not a Cow

Increase Growth Hormone Naturally

Practical Ways To Increase Growth Hormone Naturally

Growth Hormone is also Known as the Youth Hormone because it is responsible for the maintaining our youth. But it is also helps to repair cells, fat loss, and Overall Fitness. There are simple easy adjustments you can do to get more Growth Hormone

how to start calisthenics the ultimate guide - theneway

The Ultimate Guide to Start Calisthenics

This is the Ulimate guide to Calisthenics. Calisthenics are bodyweight exercises. It is very beneficial if you have no Gym and It is more fun, cool, and builds muscles and Strength the same way as the Normal Weightlifting.


The Best Ways To Maximize your Sleep Quality

Sleep quality is the most important part of the Health. Because of poor sleep quality people suffers from chronic stress, mood swing, low energy, Fatigue, and High Blood Pressure. But fortunately with some few things you can increase your sleep quality

how to start working out: The No-BS Way - Theneway

How to Start Working Out: The No-BS Guide

Working out is very important for everyone and for the men it is the most. Working out can be very simple but you must do it on a regular basis to improve your Physique, Health and Strength

Motivation, Mindsets, And More

Read My Best Articles on Mindsets, Motivation and More:

Take Action - 3 things that stops you from taking action

Can’t Take Action: The 3 Things that Stops you From Taking Action

You can Dream as much as you want but to actually get it in real life you have to take some action. You can’t something without giving some sweat, blood, and action. Now, Here are the things that stops you from taking action

How to Practice Stoicism: Build mental toughness, Conquer Life Problems

How to Practice Stoicism: Build Mental Toughness and Resilience

Stoicism is a philosophy which contains many practices to cultivate values, character and it also teach us how to overcome life problems without breaking the values or losing calm. It will teach you how to control your emotions

The 10x Rule: Achieve massive Successes in life - Theneway

The 10X Rule: How to Achieve 10x More Successes In life

In the Book “10x Rules” by Grant Cardone, He discuss that the difference between the high achievers and loser are that High-achievers set big goals and take Massive Action to Achieve whereas, the losers get limited and fixed. Use 10x Rule and achieve 10x more in life

7 ways to make affirmations powerful and work faster

7 Ways to Make Affirmations More Powerful

Affirmations are statements which are repeated many times to improve self-talk, beliefs and mindsets. Affirmation takes a very long time to actually effect in general. But we can increase the power of affirmation in 7 ways


How to Build Self-Discipline like Spartans and Soldiers

Self-Discipline is the most important for achieving success. As you can’t be motivated every day, sometimes you just have to drag yourself to do the work and it requires discipline. But building discipline is also simple

nofap challenge - theneway

Nofap Challenge: WARNING! Change your Life Forever

With nofap challenge you will increase testosterone, focus, clarity, energy, confidence and Motivation. Within 90 days you will completely change your life with only this practice

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