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The 10X Rule: How to Achieve 10x Massive Successes in Life

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. In his book Grant tells us the very obvious and common difference between the one who achieve success and the one who don’t.

And that is Thinking not Big and Not taking Big Action to Achieve it.

That’s it. It is the only difference and it is very true. Most people think too small, they make very small goals to achieve, and they take less action.

In the Words of Tony Robbins, He says that most people go through a negative downward cycle.

The Cycle goes like this: They start with very little belief that they could something great and achieve that big goals,

With that weak belief they tap into the little potential of theirs, with that they take less action as it does not make sense to do more when you are not going to achieve, Because of their less action they get less results.

Now, When they get less results their beliefs get weaker they will say inside that “They knew it’s going to happen, it can’t be achieved, I can’t do it” with this they take even less action, and get even less results.

This cycles continues until he quits.

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That’s why it’s important to Set very Big Ambitious Goals and Vision and Take Very Massive Action to Achieve it. Then only you will be able to Achieve Massive Success that others can’t.

That is the only difference, it’s in the mindset, the action, the beliefs. All the things starts with the mindset. Remember If you think you can or you can’t, You are right

It’s all in the Mindset. Control your Mindset

Now, this is where the 10x rule gets it power.

How To Achieve 10X in your Life: Apply 10x Rule

The way to apply the 10x rule is very, very simple but it’s not easy to follow through. I said that early so don’t hope for getting the things if you can’t put some work to get it.

Even the magic you see as much more going on in the background, the more work is going on in the back you can’t see. It does not happen effortlessly.

If you want to achieve 10x then, you got to take 10x more action to achieve and there is no other way. That is the 10x rule.

It is the Law of the Universe. You can’t Something from nothing. Mass cannot neither be created nor be Destroyed

You got to give something to take something. Nothing is free. Do the Work, Take the Steps and Action and Reap the Rewards. That’s it. It’s simple but not easy.

Now, Here is how to apply The 10x Rule:

How To Apply 10x Rule:

>>> Write down your Goals:

Write down your goals on the piece of paper. For Example like Becoming Fit, or earning 100k, or getting good marks in the exam.

>>> Write Down the Time to Achieve your Goals:

Setting a time Deadline is very important for goal-setting. It will create the urgency. So, set the time limit for your goals. For Example, for the earning I give 5 years, for getting fit I give 1 year.

>>> 10x your current Goals:

So, if you have goal like earning 100k then, multiply it by 10 and now your goal is to earn 1 Million.

And if your goal is to get fit then increase it by 10 means now your goal is to get shredded and Jacked with Six packs Abs. And the same for the marks, Now aim for the Ace

>>> Decrease the Time:

Now, decrease the time limit you set for yourself. Now, you may be thinking why I increase the goals and decreasing the time. It’s impossible. No! it’s not. It’s all in your mind. And this will create intensity

The more time you give yourself to achieve something, the more likely you are going to lose motivation and get distracted.

So For getting jacked I decrease it to 6 months, For Earning I decrease it to 1 year

>>> Write down the Necessary Action:

Write down the actions it will take to achieve your 10x goals you get by applying 10x rule.

Like for getting jacked and shredded, the actions are dieting down, working out 4 times a week. For getting Ace, Studying every day taking notes, revising every day.

>>> 10x your current Actions:

Now, what you wrote down on the paper for action. 10x it. Means you are going to take 10x more action to achieve the 10x goals you set earlier. Since, you have also decreased your time limit.

Now, this part takes time because there are lots of things you can do to get achieve your goals in the shortest time. With the 10x rule you will force to see that there are many things you can do that you haven’t done until now.

Yeah after this you will realize how much you can do to achieve something that big in that short time.

So for earning 1 millions in 1 year, I will read great books every day, I will focus on building a business, I will start Investing, I will start doing passive Income. There are lots of things I can do achieve it.

And For getting Jacked in 6 months, I will workout 6 days a week, Do HIIT and Cardio, I will go into the Keto Diet and do Intermittent Fasting. And also take some supplements. Again there are lots of things you can do achieve big things in short time.

This is the 10x rule in the nutshell.

What If you Fail to Achieve:

Nothing, You will realize that you have achieved and come far from what you first think you are capable of. And that feeling will change and motivate for your entire life.

Who cares if you achieve your big goals a little later the time limit, and who cares if you were close to achieving it but fail.

Nobody cares, Start again if you fail to achieve it. Set new Goals if you have achieved a little latter, Apply the 10x rule again.

Remember you are far ahead from the people who stuck in the small goals and who are cowards and losers and Average.

You are far ahead of the people who don’t even have goals which are most of the people. Congrats you are not one of them now.

At the End of the Day: Be Sure to Apply 10x rule in life

At the end the 10x rule can be apply to every part of your life and in the way you want to.

You can use it to visualize the fears and obstacles you are going to face and increase it by 10x. This is more of the Stoic way to use 10x rule.

Now, I want you to take the 10x rule from this article and apply it now to your goals, and life to achieve 10x what you think you can.

Apply it now. Take a Piece of Paper or Journal and Follow the Steps and Apply the Rules and start achieving your big goals with big action and achieve big success the others can’t.

Don’t think about how unrealistic it seems because it is not. The one who have a vision, a plan, and belief can see it. And if you can see it you can achieve it.

Until Next Time,
Your Partner In Success,

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