30 days challenge to build discipline and habits

30 Days Challenge: Best Way to Build Discipline and Habits

Are you the most indiscipline child? If yes and you want to change that within 30 days then, take 30 days challenge.

30 days challenges are great for many things like changing routine, creating new habits, breaking old habits, practicing hobbies, and above all building self-discipline.

And it is very easy to follow through and simple. I have done it both for my own benefit and loss. We all do that either build beneficial habits or destructive ones, the process is the same.

Our life consists of days and our days consist of our routines, habits, and activities. What we do repeatedly has a huge effect on us.

If you repeatedly practice guitar then, you will get very good at guitar you will be able to play some songs and music on your own without a problem.

What habits you have determines your lifestyle, and how most of your days are going to be. So, it’s very very very important to have the habits which work in our favor and not against us.

So, Habits like Reading books of experienced people every day, working out, Meditation, Stoicism, Affirmations, Journaling, and all of these help to build our character, personality, and sets us to succeed in life and get what we want.

How To Do 30 Days Challenge:

To do 30 days challenge,

You will pick 1-3 things you are going to do or not going to do for 30 days. That’s Why it’s called 30 days challenge.

You can pick things like practicing guitar 15 mins, studying for 30 mins, walking for 30 mins or not drinking alcohol for 30 days, not eating sugar, not smoking.

Just Be Sure to Pick only 1-3. These 1 or 3 you picked must be follow through for 30 days straight. Except these you can miss out any other habits.

For Example, Let’s say you pick to do 20 push-ups every day for 30 days as a 30 days challenge. Then, you must discipline yourself to do 20 push-ups every day for 30 days straight no skipping.

You can also add a habit of doing 50 squats but remember you can skip squats but you must do 20 push-ups every day. This will build the discipline which will help you succeed in life and face adversities like a spartan warrior.

You can Pick a hobby, a habit, or any activity that you want to do for 30 days. After building the discipline and the habit from the previous example let’s say doing 20 push-ups

And let me tell you that training a particular body part every day for 30 days will going to give you shocking results.

It’s time to pick another habit or thing you will do as a 30 days challenge. Like now let’s say you want to develop and improve your mind so, therefore, make a habit of reading books every day for 30 days.

Now you have another thing to add to your 30 days challenge. And within a year you will completely change your entire life. A full 180 degree if I want to express that. And It’s that simple. Yes it’s that simple to change your life.

And yes, creating new habits and breaking old habits will take time but no problem, with each 30 days challenge you are developing discipline and which will make developing new habits easier.

Noticed how powerful this is. No! then, Go and just take the 30 days challenge.

A Little Story Of My Habit-Building:

I knew that developing this drastic shift from lazy, procrastinating and fat to working out and dieting will be very hard.

But I got to do that since I can no longer see myself doing anything and it was pathetic to look.

So, I just develop a habit of just going to the place where I will work out. Once I got there I would listen to my favorite song which will pump me up.

After doing this for some days, I began to do some push-ups, and squats, and Nothing else. No need to rush or increase the intensity.

Then, after a week I began to do the workout. Even though on some days I don’t feel to do the workout but I had the habit of going to that place and listening to the songs.

This keeps the momentum going

Even recently, I developed a habit of waking up at 5. A few weeks ago I was waking up at 8 and 9 am and was Completely lazy. But I shifted that habit from that to waking up at 5, Cardio and at evening doing the workout and Intermittent Fasting.

From there on I also completed challenges like 100 push-ups, and 500 push-ups Challenge

So that’s exactly how you can also develop habits both the one’s which benefits you or destroy you.

The Key point is to start from building small habits which will require less discipline and move forward to bigger habits while keeping the momentum going.

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