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Challenge Series: 500 Pushups Every day for a Week

500 pushups every day for a week. Yeah, That’s Right.

WARNING: Don’t try this challenge if you are just a beginner and also if you have a recent shoulder injury.

I have done 100 push-ups challenge a year ago and I got some results. Surprisingly, the real results actually come after taking the rest for some days and then, continue on the normal workout.

This is a Called Nuclei Overload. Which I will make an article another time. But in short,

the theory is to train your targeted muscles every day for some time and then, take some days rest and then, continue back the normal workout.

Training the targeted muscles every day sometimes will increase the nuclei in the muscles. And when you take some rest and continue back on the normal workout. Your muscles will respond more.

Now, I have seen this happening to me when I have done the 100 pushups challenge and the 500 pushups challenge.

After doing the challenge when I take a week off and don’t train that muscle. When I get back, I saw faster muscle growth in my triceps.

How To Do 500 pushups Challenge:

There are lots of ways to complete the total 500 pushups a day.

The normal way is to do as many as you can in the morning then, after an hour again do as many as you can and repeat it until you have done total of 500 pushups.

The Greasing the Groove method is half amount of reps you can do. So, if you can do 20 reps then, do only 10 reps. Then, take rest for as long as you are comfortable like 15-30 mins and then, do it again. All-day long.

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And also other method you can find on the internet.

Tips For The Challenge:

>>> Don’t focus too much on Form: Now, this does not mean that you arched your back and do a really crappy form. But just don’t focus on it too much on every rep.

>>> Don’t Focus on Full Range of Motion: You don’t have to go all the way to the ground and all the way up in every rep. The Halfway before locking the elbows are also great.

>>> Focus on Speed: Try to do your reps faster and not slower or you will get tired very quickly.

>>> Do little Stretching: Stretch your Arms a little by the end of the day. To loosen up the stiffness.

>>> Eat More: If you are not recovering fast enough then, increase calorie intake and eat more during this challenge.

Until Next Time,
Keep Pushing,

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