About ME

This is about me and my Blog Theneway, What is this site, why is this, and what I am trying to achieve and my Journey. READ ON!!!

Mission of theneway

The Purpose of Theneway is to help young teens develop their Masculinity and be the best version of themselves.

I am really obsessed with self development and improvement. After wondering meaninglessly for 4 years, not knowing what to do.

Then I got inspired by a Quote:

“Life isn’t about discovering, but creating yourself.”


Then, I decided to change every aspects of my life to the highest standard. I first, start with Health aspect and then I am continuing with the Financial Freedom.

I have a Greater Purpose , Vision or you can say almost an over-ambition to achieve for which I need to do many things first. I trust myself able to achieve and can’t tell about the ambition as it does not related with Theneway.

It’s just a starting for me, on this journey, And I want others to go through this journey with me. I love sharing knowledge I have with others. It’s no fun to reach the top and Live Lonely.

Why I am helping other to be their Best?

As I said earlier, It’s no Fun reaching the top and live lonely. And Humans achieved, and dominate the whole earth because of our advanced communication, and intelligence. Through Cooperation with each other, we humans share ideas, split our works, work more efficiently.

And, I love Competition too,  There are things that needs to be in Balance. Helping also makes me feel more better, And I love sharing my Knowledge with others.

For Whom this Blog is? and Why?

Well, the blog is available for everyone since, it is on the internet. But this blog is specially made for young male teens who are growing up and wants to learn how to develop their Masculinity.

And how to be more mature adult, every lessons to constantly improve to be the best version of yourself, and Myself is a teen 17 years old now. Who is soon going to be an Adult and most importantly a Man.

And I am going to share my lessons, knowledge throughout this journey to be A Man. I will constantly try to improve my blog, it’s quality, provide you with more life-changing stuffs which will help you in this journey.

Now, The Reason I made this blog is because of the Declining of Masculinity in today’s world

Decline of Masculinity and Testosterone:

I want to develop my Masculinity because now in today’s world we can see how lack of masculinity leads to many meaningless problems. More and more boy are becoming weak, very dependent, timid, emotional, and over-sensitive.

Also, researches shows that with upcoming generation, the average testosterone level of a man is Decreasing with generations. So, that means your great grandfather had more testosterone than you.

What’s Testosterone? it’s a very important for both man and woman. But men generally has more and need more to function healthy. This hormone is what gives a man the beards, body hairs, bone density, muscular physique, aggressions, Drive, motivation, and much more.

So, you can see how important it is for a Man. Now, what causing this decline. Many researchers suspects that it’s because of the increasing obesity, and medication use and using of estrogenic compounds.

No wonder that the reasons for the rise of so many Soyboys, they are very weak and blame everyone for everything while doing nothing good for the world.

So, I have enough of that and I don’t see the world that way but it is what happening now. From warriors, fighting with animals, beast, other men, protecting kingdom to just complaining, blaming, all these nonsense.

If you want to develop Masculinity and Be a Man. Then, teen is a very best stage you can start. Learn how to build muscles, do workouts, lose fat if you are overweight, learn some skills, build confidence, assertiveness and Mental toughness.

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