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Be Aggressive in Life: How to Be More Aggressive

Be Aggressive. Most people nowadays, people look at being aggressive as some sort of very harmful, toxic disease.

Nowadays, it’s more about being more feminine, soft, passive, and gentle. Which is good to some extent.

So, let me tell you this very straight. You Need to BE MORE AGGRESSIVE if you want to conquer life.

No BS. PERIOD. You need to be Aggressive. WHY? it’s very obvious. Let’s get started

What Is Aggression:

The Word “Aggression” comes from the Latin word “Aggressio” which means attack.

Attack meaning to give damage, going out, moving forward and many more.

It’s simple with aggression comes things like Drive, Competition, Will to Fight, Will to Survive, Action-taking.

And some Negative things like: Hostility, and Violence.

Why You Need to Be Aggressive:

Well if you are not aggressive enough then, you will very passive, you will lack assertiveness which will make your life miserable.

Here are the reasons you need:

`1. Lack of Assertiveness: If you lack assertiveness then, you will be stepped on by everyone. You will be treated like trash, with no respect whatsoever.

2. Lack of Passion and Drive: Drive and passion need you to be aggressive. How can you be very Driven and not aggressive at the same time?

3. Lack of Action: If you are passive, you will not take any action to get what you want or, what is right? And you know what nobody will give you shit, you have to take it by yourself.

You need aggression for all of this. That’s why nowadays, most people lack action.

Let’s see the example of fire. Fire and Aggression are very similar.

Fire is very destructive and dangerous in nature, most animals fear it. But we humans understand it and used it constructively to advance ourselves.

I mean just look at the contribution of fire. We use fire to cook food, kill germs, scared off predators, see in the dark, warm ourselves, melt metals and shape them to make tools, and weapons.

The Same destructive fire used constructively had lead Humans to advanced into what we are today. WE DOMINATE THE WORLD TODAY.

Same with aggressions, if our ancestors didn’t have aggression then, they would push through pain, fight with deadly predators, protect their tribes.

But there is now less need to be aggressive. Unless you want to be Great, Conquer things, and Make your life Awesome.

If you don’t have any ambition then, it’s alright to be passive.

Aggressive and Anger:

Now, let me tell you how aggression can be dangerous and uncontrollable.

Aggression becomes violence when controlled by emotions.

Now, most people think that Anger and Aggression are one. But they are not the ones.

Aggression can cause anger, and anger can cause you to be aggressive. They are related and affect each other but not the same.

So, that means You can be very Aggressive and Calm at the same time. Need an example then,

The Example of Calm and Aggressive is Tony Start From Iron Man.

Tony Stark is very cool, calm, and aggressive. It analyzes the situation, constantly preparing before the enemy. And eliminates the enemy as quickly as he can.

Whereas, the example of Angry and Aggressive is: Hulk from Avengers.

Hulk is very angry, and aggressive. Now, Since he is being controlled by his anger. He is very destructive, dangerous, and uncontrollable.

And you can be passive and very angry, for example: look at most people.

You might find many people who constantly will complain and bitch about everything but never ever take some action. They are a very good example.

So, now, you have understood. Always control your emotions, don’t make decisions, and act on emotions alone.

And you will be Fine.

How To Be More Aggressive:

Now, if you are very passive in nature then, start by being a little disagreeable. Say No more often. At least at first.

Sets some goals and Ambitions you want to achieve. And make plans to achieve them.

Practice Stoicism, take part in some sports which requires you to channel aggression like boxing, Football. Do some intense workouts.

Increase your Testosterone, the Testosterone is very important for Drive, motivation, and Aggression.

Also, Use affirmations so that you can change your Mindset from loser to Winner.


Being aggressive is not that difficult, you just have to take action towards the things you want. That’s it.

Until Next Time,
Be Aggressive,

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