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Binaural Beats: How to Use it to Increase Focus, and Creativity

Binaural Beats is a sound track which you will hear when two different frequency are playing at the same time in both of your ears.

So, maybe you will hear 200Hz in your left ear and 205Hz in your right ear. But as you are listening at the same time. You will hear some different beats similar to acoustics.

Now, What it will do? Why it matters?, Calm Down because this is a great tool you can use to change your brainwaves, and enhance brain power.

What Is Brainwave?

First, Let’s understand that your brain and the millions of neurons which communicate with electrical pulses produces Brainwaves.

Which have it’s own frequency. Now, it is observed that in different state of consciousness like fully awake, and deep sleep.

Your Brain Produces different waves in different state. So, Like low-frequency in sleeping and higher frequency in fully awake and Busy state.

Like that Researchers found 5 brainwaves:

1# Gamma (38-42 Hz): This is the fastest brainwaves but we don’t have enough information on how it’s produce and so on.

2# Beta (12-38 Hz): This is the wave we have when we are fully awake in our day to day life. So, as you are reading now, you have Beta Waves.

3# Alpha (8-12 Hz): This is the waves when you experience calmness, relaxation and quietness, this is the state when you are calm but also aware of your surroundings.

You will achieve when you are meditating as a beginner or naturally few hours before sleeping and waking up. In this state your focus, creativity and learning increases

4# Theta (3-8 Hz): this state you will experience most often during sleep or deep meditation. In this state you are not fully asleep but you are experiencing a heighten relaxation.

And this is a state of learning, Creativity, Memory, and Intuition.

5# Delta (.5 – 3 Hz): this is a state you experience when you are in deep sleep.

Alter Your Brainwaves With Binaural Beats:

The Major Advantage you have is: You can change your brainwaves easily with binaural beats.

So, let’s say you are very tired and want to focus and learn something but your mind is chattering then, you can change your brainwave from beta to alpha.

By listening to alpha binaural beats while studying or learning something, you can quickly go to alpha state and learn faster.

And other is let’s say you are having anxiety for tomorrow exam or some interview or work and can’t sleep. Then, Again

You can change your brainwaves from beta to theta by listening to theta frequency binaural beats and trying to sleep.

You don’t have to be the monk who practiced everyday to achieve alpha state at any time.

When Used Properly Binaural Beats can help you to change your brainwaves and state much quicker.

Now, Let’s discuss how to use Binaural Beats for our Advantage.

Rules and Caution:

1# Use Headphones: Binaural beats will only works when you use a headphone as by that means your brain can pick up frequencies.

2# Lower your Volume: Don’t listen in 100% volume, you must lower your volume so that you can just hear it.

3# As a beginner don’t overuse: Don’t try to listen 4-hours straight, your brain needs time to adapt to this change. So, first only listen it to 30 mins.

4# Use Alpha Binaural Beats: Has I explained above, alpha state is very good for learning, and focus. So, listen to alpha binaural beats while studying.

5# Don’t use Theta while Driving: Now, be responsible and don’t listen to brainwaves which you don’t want in that moment. Like listening to theta binaural beats while driving. It’s dangerous.

Now, With all the rules and Caution laid out. You can use Binaural Beats for your own Work. It can be Sleep, learning, focus, creativity, or other.

And also don’t forget to listen to your Body and not to over do it.

Where Can I found Binaural Beats:

You can purchase it from the online stores, or you can listen it from YouTube.
Yes, YouTube have some which you can find easily.

Just Search “binaural beats” and you will get many binaural beats of different duration and frequency.

Okay that’s it.

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Until Next Time,

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