How to Build Self Discipline Like Spartans and Soldiers

Building Self Discipline is the most important thing you can do as a teenager to sure your success in the future.

As it takes a great deal of self control and discipline to achieve your goals, pursue your purpose, persist when others fail and patience to get the Success.

Luckily, it is thing which can be develop over time, even if you consider yourself totally indiscipline, you can over time develop a unbreakable self control and discipline.

But it will take time. And you shouldn’t care about time either if you are a teen in your 14 or 17 as your time is going to pass any way you use it or not. I am talking with Experience here.

I was also struggling from addiction for more than 5 years since, when I was 12 years old. And Now, When I am 17, I am able to build enough discipline to create new habits of working out, intermittent fasting, morning routine, and many more.

So, Let’s start on how to Build Self Discipline by first understanding what’s the reason for the lack of discipline.

Reason For Lack of Discipline: Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification is the no.1# reason for the lack of self-control and discipline. What is it?, It means getting the thing you want now in an instant.

So, when you want it, you want to get it now. Which means you don’t want to wait.

How it’s Bad?, It bad because when you get craving for something which is very short term, you are going to sacrifice the thing which will benefit you for in the longer run.

For Example: Joe wants to lose fat and so, he do exercise, and eat a suitable diet but then he got a craving for the sugary and delicious, high-calorie extra-cheese burger and he proceed to eat it.

What Joe did is sacrificing his long-term goal of losing fat for the short-term pleasure of eating that cake.

That’s what we do many, many times. We go for the short-term pleasure and forget the long-term goal which will bring more pleasure but it will take time.

Now, chasing a short-term pleasure was fine in the early eras when humans were have to hunt down, fight off for survival.

But Now in this Modern Era, we are bombarded with these instant pleasures and stimulants, which disrupt our Dopamine Receptors

If you want to Know more about on Dopamine and How it is Linked to your Motivation then,

Check out: Dopamine: Key to Motivation

How to Build Self Discipline:

To build Self discipline first, let’s change some perspective.

I want to you to look to yourself as both a child and the father. So, you will discipline yourself like a father discipline his child. Understand it. Good. Let’s Move On.

1# Start Small with One habit:

discipline-yourself by starting small
Photo by David Kiriakidis on Unsplash

If you ask any soldier about “How to build self-discipline”, he will tell you to start small and start by making your own bed.

To which you will feel weird as how doing this small thing can develop my self-discipline.

That is why it’s simple, easy, and boring but important a good recipe for building self-discipline.

– Pick one Habit and Stick with it for 3 weeks: Habits like meditation, nofap, jogging every morning, making your bed, studying. All this are simple, easy and boring but important.

– After 3 weeks, pick another small habit and stick with it: Like this, you are going to build many good habits which you believe it or not will change and govern your life.

David Goggins also known as the world’s toughest man has a habit of running every single day no matter the weather.

I also start with some simple habits and eventually build a chain of habits like working out, nofap, working on my programming skills.

2# The Power of Punishment to Build Self Discipline:

discipline-yourself by punishments and the principle of carrot and stick
Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels

Punishment is from the Principle of Carrot and Stick.

Punishment is a very important aspect in self-discipline, as you no longer have the parent to punish you for not following your habits.

You need punish yourself as a father for chasing instant Gratification. So,

For Example: If you didn’t able to wake up and do the workout then, as a punishment do not eat until you do 50 pushups.

Something hard and also something which can recover your lack of discipline. Not just any stupid punishment.

The Key is to think of yourself as both the child and the father.

This punishment system will make you to take ownership for your actions and Mistakes.

3# Reward System to Build Self-Discipline:

discipline yourself by reward system
Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash

Having a Reward System is also important as it give you motivation to persist further and continually be in the self-discipline.

– Reward yourself after sticking to 3 weeks habit: Reward yourself if you stick with the habit for 3 weeks like by treating, buying yourself something, or any way.

Just remember don’t reward the way that actually cause you to break your self-discipline.

Example of a Bad Reward: You are able to avoid smoking for full 3 weeks and decides to reward yourself by smoking a cigarette. No! A very bad reward.


You will build that unbreakable discipline of spartans and Soldiers no matter how hard it looks. Just Start Small by one habit at a time and sticking with it

Remember to punish yourself in a way that will recover your losses when you break your self-discipline,

and Also to Reward yourself but in a bad way which results in you breaking your self-discipline and all the work.

I am working on my self-discipline too and I have a long way to go. So, stick with the journey with me of being the best version.

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Until Next Time,

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