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Transform yourself Into Winner By Challenge Series

Hey Guys, I am going to start a Challenge Series on this Blog theneway. And I want to talk to you about why it will be accomplishing.

The Winner Effect:

If you guys don’t know what the Winner Effect then chill out I am going to simplify and explain it to you.

The Winner Effect is a term used to describe how an animal who wins few fights against a weaker opponents is much more likely to win against a stronger opponent.

Get it. No? Fine, Here is the Simplify version:

It means when you win you are more likely to win the next time. And one more thing, when you win, your testosterone levels also rises. But when you lose you are more likely to lose again the next time.

And this has been proven in multiple studies on athletes that when they win their testosterone rises, the one who lose, their testosterone falls.

This also can be seen in animals. Heck that’s why this winner effect is a term in Biology.

But Wait What It means to me? it means many thing to you. And I am going to show you how.

Why you Continiously Losing:

Now, that you have an idea of the Winner Effect. We can start with how it can help you as well as ruin you.

Since, when you lose, you are more likely to lose and your testosterone level also goes down, which you don’t want clears the reason why Losers loses continiously and Winners wins more often.

Now, if you feel like loser and no matter what you do, you end up losing then, that is because of this winner effect.

When you lose and lose, this will create a chain of losing continously and thus, you will end up losing confidence, drive, happiness, energy to move forward and succeed and to fight.

the Purpose of Challenge Series:

There is where the Challenge Series comes in. I will post all kinds of challenges which will challenge you both physically and mentally. And not the Stupid challenges but the one which you can gain something from

Both Hard and Easy if you can’t able to do the challenge then, you will simply do the easier one and then the harder one.

With each Challenge, you will grow stronger, gain more self-esteem, confidence, drive and Develop the Winner Mindset deep in yourself.

You no longer will be the loser you once know, but the winner you want to be.

Well this is it. That was the whole purpose of Challenge Series.

Now, go to the Challenge Category, pick one challenge according to your level and win it.

Until Next Time,

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