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How to Develop Winner Mindset: Practical Ways

Want to develop a Winner Mindset to Win at life Games.

Then, Let’s talk about the core of this, the Intense Desire to Win.

You need to cultivate this intense desire to win at things and then only you will be able to be the true winner.

Winners like Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan and all others have intense desire to win either out of desperation or inspiration. All of them an intense burning desire which will force them to win.

Now, Let’s talk about other things for the winner Mindset.

2 Things to Develop Winner Mindset:

There are two things you need to develop winner mindset.

>>> Belief or Faith
>>> Intense Burning Desire to Win

Now, these two are also inter-linked with one another. So, if you have a really intense burning desire out of desperation then, you will have no choice but to have faith in yourself.

And if you have faith in yourself then, you will increase the intensity of the desire to win.

But you need to develop both of them. As like to burn a fire you need oxygen, fuel and Heat.

Now, let’s see how to develop it.

How to Develop Winner Mindset:

You need to have Faith and Belief in your abilities to win. And you can develop through experiencing more wins.

The More you Win, the Stronger your Faith becomes. So, you need to win more and not focus on losing instead learn why you lose and win the next time.

>>> Use Affirmations: Using Affirmation and Auto-suggestion is a great way to develop a belief and faith. Simple things like saying: “I am a Winner”, “I am a Champion”.

But saying words is not enough you need to add strong emotions and actually feel like it. It will not work if you say you are a winner and feel like a loser.

So, Only say this when you are feeling like a Winner and to feel like a Winner.

>>> Set small Challenging Goals and Win it: Set very small, achievable, yet challenging goals to achieve. This way you can build faith in yourself that you can achieve something and will get this winner feeling.

Remember the more you win, the stronger the faith gets.

>>> Visualization: Visualize yourself winning, having success, and in full detail for 7-15 mins. Visualize what will it feel like, imagine like it is happening now.

There is great saying that:

If you Can’t see it in your Mind then, you can’t achieve it in your Life.

– Unknown

>>> Feed your Mind with Winning and Success: If you spend your time reading, watching, and hanging around with losers then, you can’t develop winner mindset.

So, create a Morning Ritual that when you wake up you will look at some quotes you strongly like. And start doing your to-do list or what you want to achieve that day.

Read biographies about the winners like Michael Jordan, Conor McGregor. Read about how they changed and transformed into the winner they are today. Feed your Mind with right thing.

Attitude Of A Winner:

Here is some attitude and beliefs a winner have. If you do all I talked about above then, you will develop faith and image of a winner and also start to think like a winner.

But it will take some months to notice some changes so, Make sure you make these a daily ritual or practice or habit so that you can be consistent.

So, here they are:

Give it your all before ever giving up.

– Unknown

Giving it your All will force you to keep going forward even when the chances of winning get lesser. We Humans can’t measure Potential in Values so we can’t tell if we have enough to win it or not.

That’s what makes it more interesting. So, when you are about to give up then, you might have touched only a fraction of your true potential.

Developing a Habit of giving it your all will extract more potential from you.

So, No half-heart playing or just trying to win NO! if you want to win it then, do everything you can to win it.

It’s all or nothing.

“If you Win you Live, If you lose you Die and You can’t Win if you don’t Fight so, FIGHT!”

– Eren Jaegar (Attack On Titans)

Failure is not an Option. Imagine a Fight where if you lose you will die. Will you not fight hard, will you not fight to win. Of course, you will give it your all to win it.

This is exactly what we want. Failure is not an option here. It’s Win and not lose. The only way you can lose is to give up. So, Don’t Give up.

You don’t need to win every battle to win a War. Just the Right Important ones.

That’s It for Today. Make sure to Win.

Until Next Time,
Keep Winning,

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