Dopamine: The Ultimate Key to Motivation

This Article is going to be on Dopamine: the key to motivation and happiness.

This is going to be a awesome article for all of you who struggles from motivation,

and it will also give you explanation for why modern civilized people are unhappy and Suffering from Depression. Let’s begin by knowing about Dopamine.

What Is Dopamine:

Dopamine is a neuro-transmitter in our brain like a chemical which sends signals. This neuro-transmitter is responsible for the feeling of joy, satisfaction, and motivation

Rat Experiments on Dopamine and Motivation:

In many research conducted on rats, researchers found many things about dopamine and its relations to addiction and motivation.

Like in a One research, rats were given a lever which when pressed a special optical sensor, which controls specific neurons in their brain, activates their dopamine neurons.

What happened?

The mice get a tremendous feeling of happiness and show the sign of addiction. They rapidly press the button to get more and more dopamine release.

And if the researchers don’t take them out of the cage then, they wouldn’t eat or drink and die.

This shows how powerful dopamine is.

How Dopamine is Affecting us:

Nowadays we are surrounded with stimulants which release dopamine instantly.

Like you can go to the mall, order a high calorie burger and high sugary coke and you will get a huge dose of dopamine instantly.

In ancient times, people have to hunt down the prey to get the food and thus, getting the dopamine release. Nowadays it’s easy.

You get dopamine and the feeling of pleasure whenever you do something which ensure your survival and that time you wouldn’t problem of motivation

But Sourav doesn’t it make us more happy? Yes for a short period of time, let’s look at the big picture here.

When you get continuous high doses of dopamine then, your brain defense mechanism shuts down the production of dopamine receptors.

Now whenever you get dopamine release you will experience it with less intensity.

This is the moment where you get more and more extreme with hardcore drugs as you will need more and more huge doses of dopamine to get the same effect as previous but your body keep producing less and less dopamine receptors.

And this creates a negative loop and momentum of misery, dissatisfaction, low motivation, meaningless life, unhappiness, and depression.

Which you don’t want. Right?

I will explain how this modern society is actually making you more and more miserable by the overstimulating the dopamine through various things. But it will be the topic for another time. Now let’s focus on how to increase motivation with it.

HoW To Use It For Motivation:

The Good thing is that we can reverse this negative loop. You may heard of highly addictive people who were doing hardcore drugs but when they overcome it.

They get very successful and the reason for it is the motivation they get, when there dopamine circuits get normal.

So, if you want a consistent Motivation then, You need a healthy consistent dopamine.

But first, you need enough amount of dopamine receptors as explained above, it is needed to get the effects of dopamine.

How to reboot your Dopamine System For Motivation:

Cut Down your Addictions to improve Dopamine System:

Yes, you heard that right, if you have a unhealthy addictions like of drugs, or alcohol or tobacco or most commonly for Porn or Masturbation.

Then, it’s time to cut that off either little by little each day or just completely. When you cut down your addictions then depending upon the addiction and the time you spent

Will decide how much difficult it’s going to be. Now, you will fail many times I failed 1000 times too when tackling with my addiction and even still I can’t that I conquer it.

But the less you give into your addictions, the more your dopamine system will improve. How? when your brain sense that there is no more high doses of dopamine then,

It will start to produce more and more dopamine receptors and you will get more and more motivation, energy and happiness in the little things.

Just like a Monk, they live a very minimal lifestyle yet, they are very happy souls. Why? because there dopamine receptors are very sensitive and they get pleasure

From very simple things in life like eating, sleeping, talking to someone, or praying to God.

So, if you have an addiction then, get some help, each day try to tackle it. And if you are addicted to porn and Masturbation then, Check out Nofap community.

You will be shock by the benefits they get just from getting over their addictions.

And If you have some food addictions like you tend to eat more junk, high-calorie, sugary food then, Consider doing intermittent fasting

Also Check out the Intermittent Fasting Guide: Intermittent Fasting Guide

Dopamine Fast: The Best Practice for Motivation and Clarity

What is Dopamine Fasting? if you asked then, it is just like fasting where you don’t eat anything for some period of time, in this Dopamine Fast, you just avoid things which gives dopamine release.

So, that means for 1 day: No phone, No internet surfing, No food even, No coffee, Tea, Games, Exercise, Talking to someone if you can, travelling outside, No porn, Masturbation, even your addictions like cigarette, alcohol, anything which pleasures you.

“But That is torture Sourav, what are you saying and how this is going to help me?” Wait, Wait. It will benefit you in this way:

While you are doing the dopamine fast, the things which are allowed to do are writing. So, you are going to write and write everything from your vision, purpose, to what you want to do, what you don’t want, and everything.

And the next day when you wake up, you will realize that your mind is more clear and you have more motivation, energy and direction all because of your dopamine system.

I highly recommend you to Try it.

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