Drop Set to shock your Muscles

Drop Set: Another Method to Shock your Muscles

Drop Set to Shock your Muscles. It is a way of doing sets where you will not rest, and your intensity will decrease gradually.

You can use it to shock your muscles once in a while. If you are not seeing results from your workout or just for the pump.

And Yes, you can use Drop set both in Weights and Calisthenics. I will show you how. It’s easy as Hell.

Drop Set For Calisthenics:

To do the Drop set, you have to decrease the intensity gradually with very minimum rest or not at all.

You can do in the Weight Lifting by simply decreasing the weights you are lifting. So, if you are doing bicep curls with let’s say 10 kg dumbbells

Then, you will do as many reps as you can and then, take another dumbbell of 5 kg and then do as much as you can. And then, 3 kg and continue.

In Calisthenics, However, you can do this by moving through exercise progressions. So, let’s say you are doing push-ups and you did 20 then,

You will quickly do knee push-ups and after that, incline push-ups, and then, you can increase the inclination to decrease the intensity.

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Or, you can do weighted Calisthenics so, you did push-ups with wearing a backpack then, do push-ups without the backpack and then, continue on through progressions.

Now, When you do drop set it will shock your muscles like crazy. You will have more blood circulation to the target muscles and it will provide all hormones and nutrients to grow and respond to the change.

When You Should do it?

>>> Whenever you want to change something or give a shock to your muscles.

How Much Rest is Allowed?

>>> None or As much as it takes you to move to another exercise or Weight.

How Many Sets?

>>> You can do at least 6-8 Drop Sets. In depends upon how much you want to do.

How many Reps?

>>> Reps aren’t the factor. Here, you will do as many as you can.

That’s it for today. I will recommend you to give Drop set a try. It will give a really good pump and also increase hypertrophy or muscle growth. You will feel good, really good.

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