Eccentric Training: Very Powerful for Muscle-Building

Eccentric Training or negatives is a training method consisting of doing Eccentrics or also called negative reps.

There are three types of muscle contractions:

1. Concentric
2. Isometrics
3. Eccentric

If you are new to eccentric training or negative reps then, you have no idea how powerful and effective it is.

What is Eccentric Training?

Well, In this training, you focus more on the negative or eccentric part of the exercise.

When performing a rep of an exercise, it can be split into two movements: Concentric and Eccentric

The Concentric or Positive part is when you squeeze your muscles and your muscles contracts or get shorten.

The Eccentric or Negative part is when your muscles lengthen.

For Example in Pullup:

* when you pull yourself up, it’s the positive or concentric part, as you are squeezing your muscles.

* And when you are lowering yourself down, it’s the negative or eccentric part, as your muscles are lengthening.

Now, you have understand what it is, let’s move on.

Benefits of Eccentric Training:

Remember, when I told you how powerful this training is. Well, now I am going to list down the benefits.

1. Increase Muscle Mass: it’s the fact that the negative part of the exercise causes more muscular damage. And the muscle damage causes hypertrophy or increase in muscle mass.

2. Increase Strength: you are 1.75x more stronger in eccentric part then concentric. That means you can lower more weight then you can lift.

So, doing a lots of negatives on heavier load will cause more damage and increase strength.

3. Helps to learn Harder Calisthenics Skills: As you are stronger in negative then, you will be able to do the negative part of the harder exercises and then progress to concentric phase.

Using the negative reps, I was able to learn to do 3 pullups within some weeks.

4. Strengthen the Connective Tissues: I like to strengthen the connective tissues first, as our muscles grow stronger faster than our connective tissues.

But no matter how much strong your muscles are. Your connective tissues can become a limiting factor. Luckily, Eccentric training helps to strengthen the connective tissues.

Some Disadvantages of Eccentric Training is

1. It causes more Soreness: this training causes more soreness, as more damage is done to the muscles.

2. Need More Recovery: Since, there is more muscle damage then, you will need more rest. Doing 1-2 times a week is Recommended.

How to Implement It in your Training:

For Starters and Building Muscles:

1. Do your normal workouts but, when doing an exercise, Slow down the eccentric part.

So, if you are doing pullups then, pull yourself up at normal speed, but when lowering yourself, slow down. Lower yourself slowly taking upto 4 seconds.

2. Perform your Exercises like this.

3. Don’t Do Eccentric training again in the next day. If you are very sore. You need rest. Do it after the next day if you want.

And be sure, that you only do it 1-2 times a week.

Eccentric For Increasing Strength:

1. You need a spotter or rack for this, as it is little risky.

2. Properly Warm up your body and muscles with performing some few reps with light weights.

3. Increase the weight by 10%-20% of your 1RPM (1 rep Max, the weight you can do only 1 rep).

4. Get your spotter for help or have the rack.

5. Do the eccentric part. But perform it as slowly as you can, like you want to lift it but can’t. That’s the key here.

6. Do only the negative part, then set it up again and do it again for 6 reps.

7. Rest properly with good nutrition.

Eccentric For Learning Harder Calisthenics Exercises:

It’s pretty since, there is only bodyweight exercises. So, very low risk.

1. Pick up a Exercise, I choose pullups for example

2. Perform the Eccentric part very slowly. For Pullups, have a chair near the bar. Get on to the chair, Grab the bar and then hang.

And try to lower yourself as slow as you can. Then, get into the chair and do it again for 6-8 reps.

3. Rest properly.


Eccentric Training is a very powerful training for building muscles, increasing strength, and learning to do hard calisthenics exercises.

The only disadvantages are that it is very intense on your body, you will feel very sore, and you need more rest.

Besides all of that, when done properly, you are good to go.

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