Feed your Mind with Success and Not with BS

Feed Your Mind With Success not with BS

Yes, You heard that right, Feed your Mind with Success.

Like your Body your mind can also be feeded. Your Body feeds and operates on foods and your mind feeds on Information.

And like the food you eat affects your body, in the same way, the information and content you feed affect your mind.

Information like: the books you read, the articles, the images, and the TV shows you watch all affect your mind.

So, if you watch horror movies most of the time and read about the horror stuff then, your mind will fill with horror.

You will think like there is some kind of supernatural stuff going around your house, you will feel more fear in the dark.

If you consume the same crap the 99% people consume then, you will develop the same mindset of the 99% Now, it’s up to you.


Like this, if you watch, and read about the success stories, and biographies of the successful people then, your mind will pick up their mindsets, beliefs, and thoughts of successful people.

And you will think and focus more on your life goals, purpose, and vision rather than addictions, short-term pleasure and social approval.

How to Feed Your Mind With Success:

>>> Spend time with successful people: if you are in sports then, spend time with the top players, and coaches. You will learn a lot from them.

>>> Read a lot For Success: Don’t just read about anything, but if you want to be the best bodybuilder then, read a lot of articles, and books by professional bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And you will also see that most of the successful have the habit of reading a lot of books.

>>> Change your Environment: Create a Vision Board and put it in your room you can see often.

Make your environment such that you can focus on your goals more easily. Fill your bookshelf with the books of the field you want to master.

>>> Stop BS Feeding: Quit Social Media, quit fake news, quit watching television, and all the sources of BS that will get inside your mind. Even the people who are very toxic, get rid of them.

99% of the people are feeding their minds with BS. I am sure you don’t want to be one of them.

>>> Affirmations: Affirmation are statements you will repeat to yourself, and it is used for changing your self-talk and mindset.

So, Create affirmations and Use them For Developing Success Mindset.

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