Feynman Technique: Learn 10x Faster

Feynman Technique: Learn anything 10x Faster

Feynman Technique is a studying technique which accelerate learning and helps to understand concepts better.

Introduction To Feynman Technique:

Feynman Technique was developed by the Famous Physicist Richard Feynman. He was famously known for his way of explaining difficult concepts in very simple terms.

And this technique is based on the same principle of explaining something to someone in very simple terms.

You will able to learn much faster and effectively when you can explain the things you are learning in a simple language so that everyone can understand.

If you can’t explain something in simply, You don’t understand it well enough

– Albert Einestin

Process Of Feynman Technique:

Let me use Feynman technique to explain the Feynman technique. The process is:

>>> Pick the Topic or Subject you want to learn
>>> Learn, Gather information as much as you can
>>> Explain it in a very simple terms
>>> Again go back to learning and gather information
>>> Explain it again in very simple terms
>>> Repeat until you can explain it in very simple terms without loopholes.

1# Pick the Topic or Subject you Want to Learn:

Pick the topic, concept or subject that you want to learn. For Example, Python programming, Pythagoras Theorem, Quantum Entanglement, etc.

Like this you can choose any subject, topic, or specific topic which you want to learn.

2# Research, Learn, and Gather Information:

Find the resources like books, tutorials, articles, or anything from which you can learn, know, and understand about the subject or topic.

For Example, for python programming we have documentations, books, and various tutorials.

For Pythagoras theorem, we can use your school’s mathematics textbook, lectures notes and online articles.

3# Explain it in very Simple Term:

Now for this you can explain it to a actual person like your brother, friend, or anyone. Or, you can explain it yourself by writing, or speaking to yourself.

You can write in a piece of paper the explanation for the topic, or subject. Try to imagine you are going to give it to a 7-10 year old kid who don’t have any knowledge about the subject. How are you going to explain?

Write everything down. And then review it. You will certain holes in it. Some part you did not explain it well enough or not clear enough. Maybe in some parts you used big, complicated words and not the simple language.

Great! You recognize where you holes in understanding are. Now, you can fill it.

4# Going Back to the Learning:

Now that you have know which part you didn’t understand well enough. Go back to your resources and gather and learn more about that part of the topic or subject.

5# Explaining it again:

Now that you learn about the part you did not understand well. Write everything down again to try to explain it.

Remember to explain it so that everyone could understand it. So, use very simple language.

6# Repeat:

Review it again. And you might some more holes in your understanding. So, again go back to your resources and learn more about that the part.

Try to explain it again in simpler terms. And repeat this until you can explain it well enough and you have deepen your understanding.

What Feynman Technique Can Do:

With Feynman Technique you can learn anything 10x faster, and have a deeper sense of understanding of the topic or subject.

Also, with Feynman Technique you will increase your marks in the exams because it’s a great for preparing for the exams.

Also, You can use Feynman Technique to be a more better explainer and it will help you as a teacher to explain and teach students.


There you have it. Feynman technique is very excellent accelerate learning technique. You can use it to prepare for exams, teach other, or become master at something.

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