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Get Angry: Use Anger as Motivation To Achieve

How many times do you get angry? some of you might think of anger as something very negative.

I don’t blame you, Anger can be destructive but any emotions can be destructive as it can cloud your rationality and thinking capability.

But Anger and Excitement are the emotions that create a strong urge to move and do something immediately.

Notice when you are very angry, you want to do something, to take some action, things like punching something, throwing something and etc.

Anger increases your Aggressiveness. And When you are aggressive you will take action, go through struggles and pain and fight harder.

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In that Article I talked about How you can be Aggressive and Calm at the same time. As anger and aggression are different things.

How to Use Your Anger:

Anger is a very good short-term motivator which means you will have motivation for a short time.

Now, it is also the reason why it can be destructive and make you lost and mindless.

As if you don’t have any long-term vision then, all that anger will only motivate you to do things you feel at that moment.

Like: If someone betrays you then, you will be very angry and if you don’t think about the long-term success then, you will mindlessly think about short-term revenge.

To fix that you just need to create a long-term vision that you need to focus on.

So, When you have a big long-term vision then, you will create short-term goals that need to be achieved to get closer to the long-term vision.

And that’s where your anger comes. You can use anger to take action for short-term goals which will help you to achieve your long-term vision.

So, that is how you use your anger as a motivation to achieve your bigger goals.

How to Get more Angry:

Actually, I don’t have to tell you how to get more angry as there are many things and reasons for us to get angry.

But here it is:

>>> Be Brutally Honest with Yourself: Yes, if you just be brutally honest with yourself then, you can’t control yourself but to get angry.

You are fat, be very honest and look at your body and say that you are very fat because of your [write your bad habits that makes you fat here…]

Also, spend time with people who are brutally honest. They will tell you right in your face when you do shit.

Yeah, just this simple thing is enough to make you open your eyes and get you very angry.

Get Angry And Channel Your Anger:

As I told before you can use your anger to achieve your immediate short-term goals which is important to achieve your long-term vision.

And here is the example:

>>> Workout: Probably the best place to channel your anger. When you are doing your workout, do them like a beast, look at your body, flex your muscles after the workout, growl during the reps.

It will help you to push consistently through pain and improve.


The Only thing is that don’t let your emotions like anger control you and cloud your thinking and decisions.

Anger when used constructively is a very good motivator to take action right NOW!

Even if you find yourself getting sad, GET ANGRY, and do what it takes to achieve the things you want. MAKE A PLAN, AND TAKE ACTION THAT’S IT.

Until Next Time,

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