Greasing the Grooves: Increase Reps, and Learn skills Faster

Greasing the Grooves, the name is weird and not seem to relate with workouts but,

If your reps are stuck somewhere and can’t able to do more reps. Or, You are learning a new Calisthenics Skills and it takes you very long to progress then,

Here is the Very Good Method for Both of you: Greasing the Groove Method.

Greasing the Groove Method will increase your reps drastically and help you to learn new skills a lot quicker if done right.

The Whole Point of This Method is to Increase Frequency.
By increasing the frequency, you will be able to increase reps and get stronger.

The Frequency is also very important for learning new Skills.

So, Enough Discussing about it. Let’s Get Started on How to Do it.

How to Do Greasing the Grooves:

There are many Variation to do it, Here are the some Common Ways:

To Increase Reps:

1. Record your Maximum Reps you can do. Let Say 10

2. Half the Maximum Reps. Half of 10 is 5

3. Do the Half reps and rest one hour between the another Set.

4. Do as many sets as you can throughout the day.


If your maximum reps are odd number like let’s say I can do 11 pushups in a row, then half of it will be 5.5 so, just forget the .5 and only Do 5 reps.

You should at least have 15 minutes of rest between the next set, and do as many sets as you can throughout the day.

You cannot rest the next day and have to repeat the routine.

after doing it for a week, check your maximum reps again and do the process again.

Important: Avoid Reaching Fatigue or Muscular Failure. To assure that you can rest more if you need it.

Greasing the Grooves To Learn New Skills:

Well, this part is easy. You just have to practice your skill throughout the day and Take care of few things:

1. Avoid Reaching fatigue, don’t exhaust yourself. Rest more if you need.

2. Have Low-Intensity or pick easier progressions or weights.

3. Pick one Skill and movement pattern to practice.

4. Do as many sets as you can throughout the day.


So, there it is. I have used this method to increase my Pushups reps and it increases from 10 reps to 20 reps within some weeks of doing it.

I am going to use it more on learning some calisthenics skills. And this method can also be used in other fields like studying. So,

Instead of studying for two hours straight if you can’t do that with focus then study only half an hour 5 times throughout the day.

And you will be able to increase focus on studying.

It also great for increasing the reps and learning new Calisthenics Skills.

Until the Next Post,
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