Habits to change your life this New Year:

Hey, Merry Christmas, Everyone. Now with the Christmas, the New Year will be coming soon. And I got some plans for self-development.

If you are one of the people who wants to change their life this new year then changing the habits is the best starting for that.

As our lives is nothing but what we do repeatedly. With that in mind, we are going to develop some habits this new year 2020 which will move us forward in the journey of self-development.

Now the question is: “Which habits to choose, when there is a whole list of good habits to develop?”.

For this Answer, I am writing this post for you. I am going to list the top best habits which will help you to

Conquer your Goals, Give you clarity, and help you in the process of self-development.


1# Journaling:

journaling is one of the best if not the best habit to develop for all kinds of thing.

the Benefits are:

iii)Train you to generate creative ideas
iv)Help you to learn faster
v)Regulate Emotions
vi)Makes you Happier
vii)Helps you to know yourself
viii)Manage Stress
ix)Track progress

And Much more to discuss, But I want to dedicate an entire article for this alone.

If you are not convinced yet, to give journaling a try then, here is more:

Most of the Geniuses in history maintain a Journaling habit where they write their ideas and in the process made a discovery

And It’s Totally free, You just a need a Diary, a pen or even you can do it in your notepad right now.

For Starters:

Just before an hour of going to bed, Write your Journal, you can write anything and it’s depend on your desire, or goals.

2# Morning Rituals:

If you are asking: “What is Morning Ritual and what it can do?” then,

Morning Ritual is not some magic prayer or anything like that but a set of activities you do after waking up and before starting the day.

Like for example: You brush your teeth and drink a tea while sitting in the chair. This is a Morning ritual

“What it will do?”. Well, Your Morning determines you entire day. If it’s good, then your day will be good.

So, Our motive is to start our day with full of energy and Focus to conquer our Goals.

Now, There are many activities you can do to start your day with full of energy and positivity. Some of them are:

For Starters:

i) Affirmations: Right when you wake up, Say affirmations like:

“This is going to be my day”,
“I am full of energy today”,
“Today I am going to do my best”

or some I AM statements like:

“I am Strong”
or, “I am Brave”
“I am the Best”

And Which I do is “I am Winner and I am going win this day.”

There is whole reasons and logic for doing it, which I am not going to cover all in this Article. But

simply in the morning your mind is very acceptable and it will accept things you say.

ii) Listening To Song or Music: It’s a very easy to do and my favourite one.

You are going to choose a motivating or inspiring song or music

and listen it for some time. You can even Dance if you want or go for a walk.

3# Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent Fasting is a style of eating and fasting.

You divide your day into two sessions: Fasting Window and Eating Window.

You are going to fast for a period of time which is known as Fasting Window. Like for 16 hours.

And Then you are going to break the fast by eating within a time period known as eating window. Like for 8 hours.

If you ask: “What It will do?“, Many things, it can do many things. Like:

i)Help you to lose fat
ii)Maintain muscles
iii)Increase Growth Hormone
iv)Increase Insulin sensitivity
v)Increase Focus
vi)Increase Energy

It is very good if you want to lose weight but still want to build muscles. And even if you want to be Healthy.

How To do it For Starters:

The Simple way to do it is 16/8 method on which we are going to fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours.

i) Choose a time for eating, Example: from 10am to 6pm is your eating window

Means you can eat anything during this time.

ii) Then, your fasting window will be: from 6pm to tomorrow 10am.

You can always Customize the time to suit your day.

I am doing it from before the New Year and it’s been great.

3# Exercise:

I don’t need to tell you how much it will affect you. If you are in the journey of being the best version of yourself.

Then Exercise is a requirement , You can do various types of exercise to get different types of results you want.

Whatever, your goals, you must cultivate a habit of exercising. And it’s very easy to cultivate.

As once you start doing and seeing results, it becomes an addiction.

For Starters:

i) Just make a habit of going to a park or playground and walking there while listening to music.

ii) Then, you can learn to do some simple bodyweight exercises like: Pushups, Pullups, squats.

iii) Then, You can do a whole workout of doing bodyweight exercises.

iv) After a month, you can keep progressing in exercises or join a gym if you want to do Calisthenics.

That’s it, and you have cultivated a habit of exercising. This is a same way I have cultivate this habit. It’s so simple.

Now, It’s been three months and it’s my regular enjoyment thing.

4# Read Books:

Read books of great authors, businessmen, Experts, Successful peoples and you are going to get a ton of knowledge just by that.

If you don’t like to read then, listen to audiobooks. You can listen in your free times.

Sign up for audibles and get some most valuable audiobooks.

It will really help you in the long run and you will thank me for that. So, start this New Year.

For Starters:

Read books on topics of great interest: If you are interested in fitness then, read some books written by fitness experts, bodybuilders, strongman, etc.

Or if you are interested in business, money then read books on business, money. The great recommendation is “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill“.

And for self-development, read “Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins“.

You can even download the pdf of some books for free. This is a time of internet, full of informations.

There is also some summaries of the books you can read. So, JUST THE READ IT…

5# Giving:

Now, Most of you will probably will go: “What the Heck!, what is this habit of giving will help me?”.

Yes, Calm down, It will.

The Bigger Question is: “What you should give?” To which the answer is:

What you have the most or want to give it. But there is one condition for it. And that is: Don’t Expect anything in return.

Benefits of Giving:

i) Makes you more charismatic
ii) Increase Social Status
iii) help you to make more friends
iv) Develops Abundance Mindset

For Starters:

When Giving, ask these question to yourself:

“What I have the most? “,
“Is there anything I am expecting?”,
“Do I want to give it?”

You can have the money, you want to give to someone. Or, Like me you can have the knowledge

You want to give to others. Start Giving…

If you want to Win this New Year Then, Definitely cultivate these habits and One more thing.

Check this out: How to Win and Crush the New year

In this, I discuss the better way to make a new year resolution plan.

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