High Sex Drive = High Motivation

High Sex Drive = High Motivation: Increase Drive, Motivation

High Sex Drive = Motivation yes, You read that right.

All men at a very basic level are driven by our sexual energy it’s in our biology.

And from the evolutionary standpoint, it makes absolute sense. As we have only two purposes: Survive and Reproduce.

Now, in the Modern Cities, most people are above the survival level which means they have sufficient food, water, and shelter.

No Problem, Survival Part is Done. Now, comes the Reproduction part and now Men who don’t have enough reproduction will be more driven.

As their body is screaming for it. They will have more testosterone which is to attract mates. And the high testosterone also increases motivation.

Biggest Reasons for Low Sex Drive:

So, all is going so well until the porn comes in. Now, this made men disconnected from the real human and seek pleasure from the artificial crappy pixel screens.

They will jack off and spray their precious semen on the screen. And they will do it again and again and again.

Now, this leads to many male reproductive problems like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and Low Sex Drive and Interest in real life.

Now, young men who should be full of high testosterone are suffering from low testosterone problems and in turn, have very low motivation.

They don’t want to do anything or achieve anything. They are becoming more frustrated, more depressed, and more toxic complainers.

The Falling Loop of Porn and Masturbation:

Let’s look at the loop of a porn and masturbation addict and how it destroys life. It’s like any other drug addiction loop.

1#: You did it, and you felt good because of the high doses of dopamine.
2#: Something bad happened or, you are in an off mood and Decided to do it again. You felt great again because of Dopamine.
3#: Now, you are doing it again and again
4#: Your Brain responds to the high doses of Dopamine by decreasing the Dopamine receptors.
5#: Now, you want to do it more intensely as the normal level is not giving enough pleasure. Because of low dopamine receptors, you need more dopamine to produce the same effect.
6#: After sometimes your brain again responds by decreasing the dopamine receptors even further.
7#: Now, with very low dopamine receptors you can’t enjoy your daily normal life work. So, that means no passion, no focus, no joy.
8#: You are feeling sad as the normal life can’t seem that pleasurable. So, you find pleasure by doing the activity again more intensely.

Now, the loop will continue on until it’s broken by will or circumstances. And it will continue to decrease your dopamine receptors and you will be less and less motivated to do anything except that.

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Now, as you can see that’s how most men fall into the loop and get the problems of E.D, P.E, and Low Testosterone.

Because of Hey! if you are satisfied with the screen then, why would your body will work to attract mates. Why would it produce more Testosterone and Motivation?

Satisfaction: Enemy of Motivation

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

-Steve Jobs

This quote sum up how satisfaction is the enemy of motivation. Once, you are satisfied, you will not work, you will less motivation.

It’s the hunger which gives you motivation. So, Stay Hungry for Something.

If you want to be Highly Motivated then, be highly dissatisfied. Change your Lifestyle, your work, your place, and every thing you are dissatisfied with.

The moment you settle down for something less, or get satisfied. Your motivation will go down.

As the hungrier predators are more dangerous.

So, now let’s come to the solution

The Solution:

1# Quit Porn And Masturbation For High Sex Drive:

The best thing you can do to restore your motivation is to quit porn and masturbation.

They are a community called Nofap. You can read their people’s experience of doing nofap which means no porn or masturbation.

You will find them telling how it changed their life. Within a period of a week, they feel more energetic, more motivated, and happier.

This is all because of Restoring Dopamine Receptors.

Now, you can take a far way by doing Semen Retention which is done by many ancient people for many things. You can research it.

But when you retain your semen and not let it escape your body. The Semen will start to travel upwards to the brain and Will nourish it.

And told to increase brain power and give you a photographic memory.

As we have examples of Leonardo Da Vinci, Swami Vivekananda, Nikola Tesla, and Muhammad Ali.

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2# Increase Testosterone For High Sex Drive:

Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for men’s drive and motivation.

But unfortunately, the testosterone level in men are decreasing every year.

So, now people are having less testosterone Why?

That’s because of increasing Obesity, and Estrogenic Compounds.

Now, but Don’t worry you can optimize your Testosterone Levels.

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3# Dopamine Fast For More Drive:

You have given up porn and masturbation. Excellent.

Now, if you want to take it more further then, try doing dopamine fast.

Dopamine Fast will give you more clarity, more motivation, and more joy doing the work.

You just have to choose one day when you will not be allowed to use your phone, exercise, eating, drinking coffee or juice or cold drinks, watching television, or any pleasurable activity.

You are just allowed to think and write in a notebook or journal. That’s it.

Now, you can do a less intense version of Dopamine Fast. Which is Dopamine Detox.

In this, you are going to remove the things which cause you unwanted dopamine release. And nowadays, it’s everywhere.

The Social Media, Television shows, smoking, drinking cold drinks, eating sugar, and many more things.

You are going to strategically remove the things so that you are increasing more dopamine receptors. Which will make you feel great even for a very small reason.

That is the reason why Saints are very Happy and Satisfied. Because they have more dopamine receptors than us.

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That’s it. Come On Men. Wake up, Increase your testosterone levels, Increase your Sex Drive, and Increase your Motivation.

Go and Crush your Goals.

Until Next Time,

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