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How to Be a Strategic Thinker: Thinking long term

Strategic Thinker means thinking strategically. Which means thinking long term.

Long-term Thinking is very powerful and important skill you can develop which will improve both your personal and professional life.

Long-term thinking means thinking about the things in future. So for example: How this decision will affect me and others in the next month?

And long-term thinking does not mean worrying about your future, it means predicting, and getting an idea about what might happen and how can you use it to get what you want.

Let’s see how Strategic Thinking and Long-term Thinking will help you.

How To Be A Strategic Thinker:

To be a Strategic Thinker first, know that strategic thinking is a skill you can master and can get better that the more you use it.

Strategic thinking also takes a lot of energy for your brain. So, you have to properly feed your body to make for the energy. YES! I AM SERIOUS HERE.


>>> Long-Term Thinking: thinking long-term as I talked about means thinking ahead in time. And to help you to do that. Here are some you can ask yourself to improve your life:

What do you want your life to look like in a Year? Five Years? Ten Years?

How this Decision will affect me after a month? and a Year?

Is this going to affect me in any way after a Month? or a Year? or Ten years?

>>> Cause And Effect: Every action, event, and Decision will affect some other things and that things will affect the other things. Since every cause has an effect.

So, with that Practice seeing the Cause and Effect in your day-to-day life.

Notice that when you wake up in the morning and you decide to hit the snooze button, You overslept then, you get late for school, and then, you get punished and all and all.

Or, notice that when you are studying and your phone rings, you check and then, open social media and start scrolling and spend the entire day without studying,

which will increase your workload and stress before the exam and so on.

You get my point when you start to look at things like that you will find many loopholes and many little things you can fix to change your entire day.

So the next time, you put your alarm far away so that you have to get up to hit snooze, and you will wake up, and then, all the things will not happen.

As you can see there are cause and effect everywhere and it can be manipulated to get what you want and achieve your Goal.

>>> Constantly Learning: Ask and see any Great Strategist, you will find them constantly learning new things, and about other strategies.

So, you are a General and have to create a strategy to win a war then, you will spend a good part of your time, learning various war strategies which other people created.

And Constantly Learning New Things will help your brain to be neuroplastic or,

In another way means you will more adaptable to the different situations as your brain will adapt very quickly.

So, Start applying Strategic Thinking into your Life Now! just take pen and paper and,

start asking the questions, and think about the possible future and how you want to look and how you can make that.

Write down your Answers but take your time when thinking as it will take a long time to think and more energy and more you practice, the better you will get.

Until Next Time,
Be Strategic

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