a beginner's guide to meditation: how to start meditating

A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation: How to Start Meditating

A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation: How to Start Meditating.

Meditation is a very old age practice for many purposes. Some do it for Enlightenment, some for peace, focus, or self-discovery or just for mental health.

Doing Meditation is very beneficial and healthy for your overall health. Most people focus on the physical aspects of health and neglect the emotional and mental aspects.

That’s why many of us can suffer from depression. No wonder why this practice exists in every religion as an important practice.

Let’s look at the benefits of meditating.

Benefits of Meditation:

>>> Relieve Stress: Meditation relieves stress and changes your brain state to alpha state which is when your brain is very relaxed and wake. You will be able to deal with more stress more effectively when you practice meditation.

>>> Increased Focus: Meditation trains your ability to control your attention and focus on the things you want to focus on. This is very powerful as Where your Focus goes, the energy flows. Your ability to focus on something will change everything in your life.

>>> Decreased Fear and Anxiety: Daily practice of meditation suppresses your amygdala, a part of your brain which deals with fear and other emotional responses. The ability to deal with stress and remain calm also decreases your anxiety.

>>> Increased Creativity: When you are on the alpha or theta brain state then, you become more creative and can come up with many creative ideas. That’s Because when you are more calm and relaxed, your brain connects with more neurons, and hence, the more creative you become.

>>> Increased Control over your Emotions: With the suppression of amygdala and the ability to focus, you will gain more control over your emotions and impulsive behaviors.

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And many more that I don’t care to show. Let’s just start Meditating.

How To Start Meditating:

>>> Get in a Comfortable Position: You can be sitting on the floor, chair, or laying on the couch what’s important is you are comfortable and your spine is straight.

>>> Close your Eyes and Breathe Normally: You can do meditation with your eyes open and focusing on something like a candle flame. But That’s what we are going to do here. So, Close your Eyes and Breathe Normally.

>>> Focus on the Breathing: Your thoughts will pop out that’s fine, just keeping trying to focus on your breathing, the way you inhale air, and how it going to your lungs.

That’s all how to do Meditation that’s simple. But before start meditating always set a timer.

For Beginner’s set timer to 5 mins then, when you want, set timer to 10 mins and work your way up to 15 mins that is more than enough.

Setting the timer will help you to stop trying to look at the time. Once the timer is up and alarm rings you stop meditating that’s all.


As you can see meditation is very simple yet very powerful and beneficial. Schedule your meditation routine in the morning when you wake up.

You will progress in every area of your life with just a month of daily meditation. And will maintain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Until Next Time,
Start Meditating,

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