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How to Start Working Out: The No-BS Way

Problem to Start working out in this era of Information overload.

It might happen to many of you that you know how important working out is. As it can improve every aspect of your life.

Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health. But when we decide to start working out we get doubts on How to Start Working out and What I Need to Do?

Then, we go to the web and read millions of articles, watch millions of videos on workouts, techniques, and training.

We get stuck in the informational Overload and we never get started. So that’s why in this article I am going to cut out the BS so that you can start working out just after this article.

Let’s get Started

The Basics to Start Working Out:

Do Warm-Up First before Starting working out:

Before doing any workout be Sure to do Warm-ups for 2-5 mins as it will increase circulation to your muscles preparing it for the workout and it will prevent injuries.

Just do some jogging, skipping ropes, or jumping jacks, or anything to get your heart pumping.

What Exercises to DO to start working out:

Let’s answer the most important question: What Exercises to DO?

The Answer is Basic Compound Exercises.

What is Compound Exercise? It is an exercise that uses more than one muscle group. If you want to start working out in a Gym then,

The Basic Compound Exercises are Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, and Rows.

And for people in Home, the Basic Compound Exercises are: Squats, Push-ups, Chin-ups, and Lunges

That’s it these are exercises you want to do. All others will be added later. But first, master these.

Sets And Reps:

Now, The Second Question: “How Many Sets and Reps?”

The Answer: 3-4 x 6-15 reps

So in the Gym, if you are bench press with some weight and you can only able to do 4 reps then, lower some weight and If you are able to do more than 15 reps then, Increase the weight.

And For Calisthenics, If you can do the push-ups more than 15 reps then, either wear a backpack with some weights inside it or, do diamond push-ups.

Similarly, if you cannot able to do at least 5 push-ups then, do knee pushups or Incline Push-ups

Check out: How to Start Calisthenics Guide

Rest Period:

Now, the Third Question: “How Much Rest Between sets and Exercises?”

The Answer: 2 minutes between sets and Exercises

So, for Example: you will do 10 push-ups then, take 2 mins rest and then, again do 10 push-ups repeating this 3 times.

Making it 4 x 10 which means 4 sets of 10 push-ups and then, take 2 mins and start doing another exercise

How Often to Workout in a Week:

The Answer: Aim for 5 days a week or just slowly increase your frequency if you are feeling very sore after workouts.

How to Start Working out:

Here is how you will do the workout in order:

1# Start the Stop Watch in your phone or any device
2# Warm-up by jumping jacks, jogging, skipping ropes for 2-5 mins
3# Start with the most difficult Compound Exercise like Chin-ups or Deadlifts
4# Do 3-4 sets of As many reps as you can and take 2 mins rest
5# Do another less difficult Compound Exercise like Push-ups or Bench Press
6# Do the Same for these exercises
7# Move on to the Next Exercise and Do the Same

That’s all and it’s hardly took 30 mins to do this simple workout. Congrats

How To Progress In Workout:

You can progress in a workout by Progressive Overload in which you add more weights or do something to make the workout harder.

So things like adding the weights, increasing reps or sets, decreasing rest, or increasing frequency.

Now, after this simple workout, you can use many training techniques and strategies like Eccentric Training, or Supersets, drop sets, and Many more.


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