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How to Use Affirmation To Change your Mind

How to use affirmation to change your mindset and Belief System. But before that if you don’t know what is affirmation? then, let’s see.

What is Affirmation:

Affirmation is positive statement you repeat yourself to purposefully, change your thought-pattern, your beliefs, and your mindset.

Example of Affirmation: “I am Strong and Capable“, “I am Rich and Abundant“, “I am Wise“.

Now, let’s know how Affirmation can change your mindset and effect your brain.

How Affirmation Works:

Without Explaining the Conscious and Subconscious Mind. Which I will cover in-depth article as it will be important to know. But I am going to explain it with neuroplasticity.

Whenever we think some thought or say some word over and over again, it will fire neurons. Let’s say: “I am a Loser

If you say that over and over again and make yourself feel like a loser then, it will become a habit to do that and your neurons of that connection will become stronger and stronger.

Now, whenever you fail at something, your belief of “I am Loser” will strengthen. And the connection of the neurons will get stronger.

Which will make you less confident, and degrade your self-image. Even though the belief is totally irrational.

But the same applies to a positive mindset. Let’s say you say “I am Strong and Capable

Over time repeating it, your neuron connections will change accordingly. And it is Scientifically Proven.

You will also see many Great Successful People using affirmations to program their mind towards success. So, Why not you?

How to Create Affirmation:

There are only some basic rules to create affirmations. Here they are:

1#: Use Present Tense: Always make the statements in present tense. So, don’t say: “I Will be Rich” instead say: “I am Rich”.

2#: Don’t use Negative Words: Don’t use words like not, no, never, can’t or anything negative word. For Example: Don’t say: “I am not a loser” instead say: “I am a Winner“.

3#: Keep it Short and Specific: It’s important to target a particular negative belief, habit, goal or desire.

So, if you want to be healthy then, say: “I am Fit and Healthy” and if you want to remove a bad habit of eating then, say: “I love eating healthy

How To Use It:

Once you create your affirmations, write it in your journal or on some notes.

Now, every day in the morning after waking up and at night before sleep. You can say your affirmations out loud or repeat it in your mind.

Focus on the words and feelings it creates. Visualize the words to increase their effectiveness.

After the morning and night, you can say affirmations all day long. Repeat it as much as you can.

Consistency is very important here

To make some shifts in your mind and beliefs, it will take at least 21 days and fully shift your mindset, It will take at least 90 days or 3 months.

So, Be Consistent and Results will come with time.

Now, there are some ways to increase the effects of affirmations. And I am going to discuss them in my next article. So, Stay tuned


There you go, Use affirmations to change your mindset and program your mind towards achieving your goal or success.

I will make another article on Visualization, Anchoring, NLP and Subliminal Messages and More on these Mind Programming Techniques. So, Subscribe to my newsletter and Stay Tuned.

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