How to Win and Crush your Day: Be the Winner of the Day

How to Win Your Day: Be The Winner of the Day

How to Win and Crush Your Day: Be the Winner of the Day

Try to look at our day as a battle, and our month and year as a war. Now, what’s your objective for the day to achieve?

How the days will affect the overall month and year?

What’s your Plan of Action or Strategy to Win your Day and overall Month?

Now, thinking this already makes live more fun, and exciting.

Also seeing your day as one of the battles of the war (Month or Year) makes you think long-term and Strategic about your day and months.

And it will also make you organize your most important tasks, objectives, and goals. So that you can achieve it.

You will be both the General who thinks, plan and strategy and the Soldier who follows, fight, and achieve.

How to Win Your Day:

>>> Morning Ritual, Preparing to Win the Day:

Morning Ritual is a series of activities you do every morning to get a better start in the day.

Things you should have in your morning ritual are Affirmations, Stoic Practices, and some light exercises.

Even if you can’t do meditation or exercises, make sure to include affirmations.

A Morning Ritual will charge up and fire up for your day to win and crush.

>>> Plan Ahead to Win the Day:

Like any battle you need to plan ahead of time before the battle. So, during the night before the day plan what you are going to do?

What important tasks and objectives will you do first? What if something goes wrong? And many more things.

Make a habit of journaling and write down your plans and to-do list in your journal.

>>> Follow Through:

To actually win the day, planning is not enough. You need soldiers to take action, make a move, follow through with the plan.

So, once you wake up in the morning and have done your morning ritual.

Shut your Mind and start doing the tasks. Use the Pomodoro Method to Focus on the Task and Finish it.

JUST DO IT. Stop thinking and getting distracted.

>>> Strategy for the Loss:

So What if you actually fail to win one of your days, You fail to get one of your tasks done or you fail to achieve the goal you set for that day.

We don’t have to win all the battles to win the war, Just the important ones which can turn the entire war.

Just like that you don’t need to win every day to win your year or month or your life.

As long as you can learn from the shortcomings, failure and win the important ones you are the Winner of the Day.

Until Next Time,
Be the Winner of the Day,

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