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How to Increase Focus: Practices to Increase Focus

Focus! Focus on the article on How to increase focus right now.

Believe it or not but in today’s modern-day Human attention span is decreasing very quickly. We now have an attention span of a goldfish which is some seconds.

Why? Because of ongoing distraction, and how these things are continuously trying to get our attention from social media to ads, to all things.

And we are also not practicing our focus on a daily basis. We are always on our smartphones, checking notifications, emails, Instagram, likes, and all these.

No wonder we are less focused then our ancestors were before.

Why You Need To Increase Focus:

You may have heard this Where your Focus goes, Energy Flows.

It’s very true your focus dictates your flow of energy, your mindset, and how you are going to spend your time.

And where your energy flows that thing will grow. So what you focus on, Grows.

Let’s see what you can achieve with focus.

>>> Achieve Mastery: With an intense focus on something long enough you can achieve mastery at anything. Focus on drawing for 5-10 years and you will be master at drawing. Or, Basketball, Football and, at anything.

>>> Learn Faster: That’s normal with focus you can learn, absorbs and process information at rapid speed.

>>> Become More Productive: You can become more productive, get more results, do more work, and achieve more. When you focus deeply on work you can achieve flow state which is a super productive state.

Well, that’s just some of the many things you can do. Your Ability to focus on something is very important.

It can also impact your mindset. When you focus on things you don’t have or lack then, you create a scarcity mindset. And when you focus on abundance and things you have, you create an abundance mindset.

When you focus on the negative aspects of the situations, you will develop a negative, toxic mindset. And when you focus on the positive aspects of things, you will develop a positive, optimistic mindset.

That’s the other importance of focus.

Practice To Increase Focus:

Here are the daily simple practices you can do increase your focus and Concentration.

1# Meditation to Increase Focus:

Meditation is a very great way to increase your focus. And there is also lots of other benefits to it.

You do meditation. First, sit down comfortably, close your eyes, focus on your breath, and make sure to set the timer.

Setting the timer is crucial so that you don’t start look at the time and breaking focus. At first, set timer to 5 mins or even 1-3 mins. Then, work your way up.

2# Doing One Thing at A Time:

Now, this is very simple thing to do. You just to choose an activity or task and you will commit yourself to only doing that and nothing else.

Things like eating. You will only focus on eating, how it tastes, what it smells, and only eating. So, no smartphones, T.V, or anything else.

Like this you can also choose some simple tasks or activity where you will just focus on that and nothing else. This is very simple which you can do daily and implement it right NOW! By reading this article with focus.

3# Pomodoro Technique:

I will highly recommend you use the Pomodoro technique to do your work with focus and get more things done.

In Pomodoro Technique, you choose a task you need to do, set the time of 15-30 mins then, do that work for 15-30 mins, when the times up, rest for 5-10 mins then, do that all again.

Bonus Tip: Use Binaural Beats

Using Binaural Beats will help you to change your brain state quickly and also achieve the relaxed, focused alpha state where you can focus on the task more effectively.

Binaural Beats are really great and scientifically proven to work.

Read More: Binaural Beat How to Use it


There you go. Remember where your focus goes, your energy flows. So, focus on the things you want to focus on and not on things you don’t want to.

Controlling and using your Focus is the Key to Conquering your Mind.

Until Next Time,
Keep Focusing,

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