Instant Mindset Hack

Instant Mindset Hack: How to Instantly Change your Mindset

Learn How to instantly change your Mindset with this mindset hack

Mindset is simply how you look, interpret, and focus on the world around you.

If you have a pessimistic mindset then, you will believe, interpret, and focus the scarcity on every situation.

Some problems come along and you will think and focus on all the things that suck

Like how this problem is very, how you can’t do anything, how it always happens to you.

But on the side, if you have an optimistic mindset and the same problem comes then,

You would think of it as the opportunity and focus on the benefits it will bring when solved.

Your Mindset is everything, it can be the reason for winning or losing, success or failure, Greatness, or Mediocrity.

The Mindset you have decides this all. So, be accountable and aware of the mindset you have currently.

Now, in my article Focus is the Key to Mindset I’ve talked about how mindset is all about where you focus on.

If you are optimistic then, you will focus on the positive side, and if you are pessimistic then, you will focus on the negative side.

So, training yourself to focus on the things you want will change your mindset very quickly. But How will you focus on what you want instantly?

Well, you can do this by simply asking the right questions.

Hack your Mindset By Asking Questions:

See Our mind is a complex supercomputer and, Its sole purpose is to use the information to give you the solutions and answers to solve your problems for you to survive.

In the book Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins, He talked about this in every detail and I will recommend you, go read his book.

What you have to do is simply ask the questions to get the answers you want.

That’s it. And it goes like this. Let’s say you have a problem or situation and you want the optimistic mindset then, simply ask questions like

What is good in this Situation or Problems?
What Opportunities does this problem bring?
How will it benefit me or others?

Now, when you first ask these questions your immediate response would be nothing or you wouldn’t be able to answer it right away.

But be persistent enough and your mindset will shift and your mind will give you the answers you want. You just have to be intentionally persistent.

How the Destructive Mindset Forms and Makes your Life Miserable:

This Hack is very simple yet very effective and we do this every time.

Have you ever noticed yourself asking questions like Why I am so stupid, weak, unmotivated, ugly, loser?

Most People ask this without even knowing very often. And they get the answers and the reasons for why they are.

Like Well, because I sucked at this, This and this had told me so, I also did this mistake and this, and I can’t achieve this, I am born this way, Or because the world is unfair to me.

And when they get convinced by all those answers, it slowly becomes the belief.

So, they now the belief that they are losers, they are ugly, they are stupid, they can’t do anything even if they try.

And then, it becomes a permanent mindset. Now, in every situation, they will interpret and look at it with the lens of their destructive beliefs.

A very good job offers come or a business idea comes and they will think that it doesn’t matter since they are very stupid and incapable and not deserving enough for that.

And they will miss the opportunity that arrived for them. A BIG MASSIVE MISTAKE

And what’s more, is that these beliefs and mindset will continuously become stronger with time and the decision they make as it is a downward-spiral.

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And even at one time, they try to do the things they think they are not capable of, they get screwed up and which will make their belief stronger.

They will say that I knew it, I knew that I am a loser and stupid, I can’t do anything, It’s impossible for me. Why even bother to do it when I know I can’t.

As you can see how this led to failures and miserable and mediocre life of the vast majority.

And the vast majority will also sympathize with them and tell them that it’s okay and just leave it.

There is nothing wrong with living like this. Be Comfortable and Live a well smooth life.

Ugh! It’s the worst trap and you must look out for this downward loop and those people.

You will end up with a miserable, unhappy, very smooth, and comfortable life like them.

Who wants a life of comfort, Comfortable and easy life is not what gives life a meaning it’s the struggle, the pain, the problems which give meaning to life.

So, STOP Living an easy life, and start the pursuit of your purpose, fight those dragons(fears) and conquer the world(a.k.a complete your missions).

That’s how you live a life of meaning and true fulfillment.

How to Create a Success Mindset:

Just like the destructive mindset where you ask questions like why am I so stupid and weak?

Ask yourself How can I increase my Knowledge, How can I get stronger, How can I achieve Success, What I have to do?

Why am I so Lucky and Grateful?

Now, If you already have some negative beliefs for example like you believe you are stupid then, asking questions like Why am So Smart? Will be very conflicting.

So, try to ask questions like How can I increase my Knowledge, What I learned from those mistakes I have made?

These are acceptable and wouldn’t create huge conflicts in your mind. Remember to be Persistent

And you will find the answers and more reasons to break your old negative belief with the new empowering ones.

Also take the required action, when you see the actual results you will have more reasons to prove yourself and others wrong.

And after some time the belief will become self-fulfilling and you will have a different mindset and thus, releasing more of your potential.

Also to create a successful mindset you get to know how successful people think, and beliefs. What they value, and what they focus on.

For that Read the biographies, or books written by them. Feed your Mind with success and if you can meet and spend time with them.

And you will develop the Successful Mindset.

Bottom Line with Challenge Time:

That’s it how you can use asking questions to focus on the right thing and instantly change your mindset to your advantage.

And you can use and implement it RIGHT NOW!!!

So, here is the challenge. For the next 7 days, you will regularly ask some questions like “What Can I control in this situation?” “What do I learn from this?”

So, if you are stuck in a party where you don’t know anyone then, ask yourself “What You Can Learn from this?” or “What Can I do in this situation to make it better?

Then, you may find that you can practice watching and observing people as no one is talking to you right now.

Or, Make new friends and approach and improve your social skills.

There is always something you can do and learn to make the situation better.

So, That’s your Challenge. Comment down below your experience and suggestions.

And Once again I will Highly Recommend you to read the book Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins. The book is filled with life-changing insights and mindset hacks to implement right away.

Keeping Going,

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