Learn the methods of calisthenics to progress, build muscles, and strength.

Learn different training techniques which will help you to progress faster, build more muscle mass, and increase overall strength.

Calisthenics is body-weight training. So, Master your own Body Weight. This will increase your overall relative strength, more explosiveness, more flexibility, more mobility, more endurance and More Natural Aesthetic Physique.

All of it with minimum equipment. Things you will need are floor, a Pull-up bar, and your body. That’s it. Nothing fancy.

You can do this at your home, or a hotel, or in vacations, or a park, or almost anywhere.

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How to Start Calisthenics – A Beginner’s Guide

Let’s First start this Guide of How to start calisthenics, With the Question what is Calisthenics?. To which in simple terms it is a form of exercises, consists of bodyweight. So, exercises like: Pushups, Pullups, Dips, Squats, Lunges, Handstand Pushups, etc. All are in Calisthenics. Reason for Choosing Calisthenics: There are many reasons to start …

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Isometrics: Build Immense Strength, Muscle, and much more

Isometrics are very simple and old technique used by many old time strongman, the best example it is Alexander Zass. To understand Isometrics we first know about the types of muscle contractions. Type of Muscle Contractions: 1. Concentric – when the muscle fibers shorten and flex. Like when pulling up during pullups. 2. Eccentric – …

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