7 ways to make affirmations powerful and work faster

7 Powerful Ways to Make Affirmations Work Faster

7 Powerful Ways to Make Affirmations Work Faster as I told in the previous article on How to Use and Make Affirmations

Affirmations are statements that are purposefully repeated and recited to change your mindset, thought-pattern, and beliefs.

Now, Affirmations take around 21 days to just make some shift to your mindset. And 90 days to change your entire mindset

And If you want to make Affirmations work then, the Key is Consistency and Certainty.

But there are many ways you can use to make your affirmations more powerful and effective.

Let’s cut the Bullshit and Move on:

Ways to Make affirmations Powerful and Faster:

1# Take Some Action:

Plain and Simple. If you want to change your belief system then, you gotta give some evidence to your mind to support your new belief and mindset.

Like: if you keep telling yourself “I am happy, I am happy and I am happy

but constantly all day long You are complaining, worrying, frustrating, and not even smile that often then, your mindset and beliefs will not change.

Your physiology is connected with your psychology. Your body is connected with your mind.

So, take small actions towards your goals, and purpose.

Want to be Happy then,

Practice Gratitude, Say thanks to people, smile more, focus on the things you can control, every day do one little thing that will make you happy.

Your mindset and Beliefs will change according to the environments.

2# Be Ultra-Specific For Affirmations:

It’s very important to be very specific to make affirmations work faster.

For Example: Instead of telling: “I am Very Rich” say: “I am earning 1, 000, 000 per month

and instead of telling: “I am Confident” instead say: “I am Confident that I can achieve anything I want

3# Add Emotions and Feeling to Your Affirmations:

You must try to believe in what you are saying and become certain of it.

One quick way to do this is let’s say you want to feel high-energetic while reciting affirmation then,

Do it while listening to music which will make you feel high energy.

Another powerful way is to say them out loud with full certainty.

It may sound very strange but it is undoubtedly very effective. And you will be able to sense it. At least give it a try.

4# Focus on 1 or Three Affirmations at a time:

Don’t recite too many affirmations relating to different areas. It will just overwhelm your mind and you.

Just focus on the most important one and when you start to shift your mindset then, add new ones.

5# Use Subliminals and Binaural Beats:

Subliminals can be sounds or visual videos.

It contains affirmations in the audio which are barely audible but you just have to listen to them with good headphones.

You can find Subliminals with affirmations for different purposes on the web. Just make sure it is a good source.

Just search:Subliminals for + [write what you want]

And then, there are Binaural beats that actually change your brain state. And in relaxed state affirmation can be more easily acceptable to the mind.

If you want to know more Binaural Beats then,

Check out: Binaural Beats How to Increase Creativity and Focus

6# Visualization:

When you are reciting affirmation or listening to Subliminals. Sit down and visualize.

Like if you want to be fit and using affirmations for being fit then,

Visualize yourself as vividly as possible how you want to look, how slim, how fat, how muscular, how it will feel to be fit,

What you will do, what activities you will do, what food you will eat. Visualize it, and use your senses.

7# Consistency:

Now, most people are not consistent and they don’t keep up their routine properly.

And it will not work if you not recite them or listen to them consistently. Your neurons wiring will not change drastically just by doing it once or twice.

So, Make a routine like morning routine or night routine and follow it consistently without complaining.


That’s all for the affirmation part. Soon I will be writing article on How to Reprogram your Mind, And things like How Mindset are Important and how to Change it.

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Remember to take small determined action, recite or listen to subliminal affirmation daily with routine every morning or night.

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