{Best Ways} to How to Maximize Sleep Quality

In this Post, I am going to list down on topic: Best Ways to How to Maximize Sleep Quality.

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Sleep quality is actually very important than you think, As proven in many research and studies that even sleeping poorly for some days

Results in low focus, low willpower, low testosterone, low GH, and increase in Cortisol (Stress Hormone), and many other health problems.

Thus, it is important to maintain a good sleep quality,

Maximizing Sleep quality also helps to increase Growth Hormone, Testosterone, and reducing stress level as both Testosterone and Growth Hormone release maximum during the deep sleep.

Let’s Find out the Secret to better sleep quality:

Secret to maximize sleep quality:

To Maximize Sleep Quality, First we must know about some important functions of our body.

The Two Important hormones Responsible for Sleep:

i) Melatonin: It’s the main hormone which prepare our body for sleep, it releases naturally in maximum at night as obviously that’s when we prepare to sleep.

ii) Cortisol: This has an opposite effect, it breaks our sleep and wakes us up from sleep, it releases at morning to wake us up. And It also releases when we get stress.

Now, There is another important thing for sleep, that is Circadian Rhythm.

Circadian Rhythm for sleep:

Have you ever wonder how our body knows when to prepare for sleep and when to wake up?

Well, it’s because Circadian Rhythm, It’s a cycle by which your body knows when it’s night and when it’s day.

But for that to happen,

It depends on one main factor: Sunlight.

When your Body expose to Sunlight during the day, your body knows that it’s daytime, and after the evening, when the sun is gone

and the light is gone too, your body knows that it’s night time and it prepares for sleep by releasing melatonin.

This is how your Circadian Rhythm works.

So, the secret to maximizing sleep is to fix your circadian rhythm, and decrease cortisol or stress hormone.

1# Fix Circadian Rhythm for Maximize Sleep:

We know how Circadian Rhythm works. So, we can see that how this modern world lifestyle actually disrupts the cycle.

By isolating ourselves in the houses, and not exposing ourselves much to sunlight, and

By using smartphones, laptops, computers or anything screen devices which emits blue light.

This Blue light sends signals like the sunlight telling our body that its daytime and not night time. We Disrupt our Circadian Rhythm.

To Fix This, there are many ways:

i) Strict Night time schedule and Daytime Schedule: Your Circadian Rhythm also adjust by your regular pattern of sleeping and waking up.

So, if you every time write your journal one hour before going to bed, then your body knows when you are writing your journal that

its your sleep time and prepares for sleep.

So, have some fixed activities to do every time you wake up and go to sleep.

Something simple as going to bed on the same time everyday.

ii) Increase Exposure to Sunlight During Daytime: During day time, go outside more frequently and expose to sunlight, then at night your body will know the absence of sunlight.

and Start releasing melatonin for sleep.

iii) Decrease Blue Light Exposure: During Night Time, try to avoid using your smartphones, laptop or any screen device.

If you can’t than install Blue Light Filters in your device, Like: F.lux for PC. This will filter most of the blue light.

2# Reduce Cortisol for maximize sleep:

Stress increases the release of cortisol, the same hormone which makes your body wake up in the morning.

Many people have poor sleep quality mainly because of stress, what’s worse is that the poor sleep then increases more cortisol and thus, more Stress.

To Maximize Sleep Quality, we must focus on to reducing stress as much as possible, So, there are some ways to do that:

i) Try Alternate cold and Hot bath: In this, you first take a hot bath for sometimes and then take a icy cold bath for sometime and repeat for 4 to 5 cycles.

During the hot bath, your muscles starts to relax and expand but then in cold bath your body get uncomfortable, then again in hot bath your body starts to feel relax.

Doing this actually like hypnosis make your body more and more relax with every cycle.

ii) Short-Interval Intense Training: In this, we put our body into a lot of stress under a short time, after the short intense stress, your

Body releases many hormones and send your body to anabolic state which is your body’s rest state. So, do a short-interval intense workout.

iii) Mediation: If you stress a lot then practicing meditation will train your mind to be calm, your body to be relax. Research shows the benefits of meditation that it lower stress.

3# Binaural Beats: Bonus Hack for Sleep

Binaural Beats are audios which are designed to change our brain Waves.

If you don’t know then our brain has Five types of Waves: Gamma Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

From Gamma to Beta we have high awareness, mental activity and focus on the task, it is our awake and active state.

From Alpha to Theta, we have our relaxed, meditative and REM sleep state.

So, Listening to Binaural Beats of theta frequency for sometimes will change your brain’s state to theta which is more relaxed state and thus, helps to sleep faster and easier. Just Keep the volume a little low.


That’s it, that was the secret to maximizing sleep quality. With the increase Sleep quality, you will be more energetic, have more testosterone, increase muscles, reduce fat level and more.

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