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Morning Ritual: How to Dominate your Day for Success

Morning Rituals are a series of activities you do in the morning after waking up.
It’s not surprising but when you observe the day of some of the most successful people you will find many common grounds.

One of them is that they have a Good Morning Ritual.

Now, Average 99% of the people also have morning rituals or I should say morning routine because it’s not like they are preparing for something.

The Purpose of Morning Ritual is to Prepare you for Conquering your Day. It’s like preparing and gearing up for the upcoming race, war, or battle.

Morning Ritual of the Average People:

average people miserable morning routine
The Trees within the fogs

Here is the Typical Average People’s Morning Ritual:
>>> Waking up and Hit the Snooze Button and Sleep Again

>>> Checking their phone, surfing the social media, liking posts, scrolling feeds
>>> Eating Breakfast while watching News on the TV
>>> Getting Ready for Work
>>> Going to Work they don’t even what to do and wishing for the Holiday

This is how the morning goes for the typical 99% people. Average people wake up late, the first thing they do is check their phone and social media.
They wait for the war or trying to neglect it.

They do not preparing for the war, for the day, they don’t have any plans, vision, purpose for the day to conquer. Most people just want to make it through the day.

Well, this is not what you want if you want to be the Winner, the best, and the Greatest.

The Warrior, the Spartans, they prepare for the war to win, to conquer and not to wait for it.

We don’t wait for the war, we prepare for it. As someone said: the only way to live in peace in this chaotic world is always be prepared for war.

– Sourav Yadav, Theneway

The Morning Rituals of the Winners in Life:

Morning ritual of the successful people
Warrior in the morning ready for war

The highly successful people have a good morning ritual which prepare them for the day and there are many ways to do it.

Like the example of Steve Jobs, You know who I am talking about: He would ask himself a question while looking in the mirror, “If this is the last day of my life, Would I want to do what I am about to?”

And if the answer to the question would be “no” for too many days then, he would know that something needs change and that he is not in his purpose.

This simple morning ritual will make him start his day with a clear purpose and direction in life. This is a great help for making the hard decisions for the company.

You can also make your own morning ritual to prepare you for conquering your day and I assure you it is very powerful and it will change your life within a week.

You can also make your own morning ritual to prepare you for conquering your day and I assure you it is very powerful and it will change your life within a week.

Morning Rituals List:

Now, Here is the list of some of the activities for morning ritual:

1. Meditation:

Almost every successful person is observed to do some form of meditation. And it is great for improving focus, creativity, self-control and mental clarity and health.

I also do it. You don’t have to do Meditation for 30 mins straight, you can start off with only 5 mins or 1 mins and then continue to increase the time.

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2. Affirmations:

Affirmations are statements you will repeat over and over to yourself. This helps in improving self-talk, self-image, beliefs, and mindset.

You have a toxic outlook and beliefs towards life, practicing affirmations will help you to improve those.

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3. Writing or Journaling:

This is also a very common and powerful practice. You can write a gratitude list to feel abundant and happy, or you can write your dreams and goals to achieve clarity and purpose.

4. Working Out:

It is also very obvious, having some form of physical activity is important to waking up and warming up your body.

You can do intense workouts, light exercises, yoga, cardio or anything else. But this will help your body to wake up and to get energy. Just play some heart-pumping song and get started that’s all.

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5. Stoicism Practice and Stoic Morning Ritual:

Some do stoic practices like negative visualization or in other words imagining the worst possible scenarios of the day to prepare for it. Or, Taking Cold showers to get discomfort

Don’t think that it is ineffective. No! This will make you resilient and tough as rock. Stoic also has some of the best morning ritual that they performed

So, simply what you will do is imagine your day going the worst like you are going stuck in the traffic, the people will shout at you, criticize you, this and that. This will make you mentally prepare for the worst. Soldiers are also trained to do that.

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6. Reading or Listening to Podcast:

This is for the mind, you got to feed your mind with quality knowledge and not some BS of news or social media.

Listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or just read a very good book of success.

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7. Not Eating Breakfast:

Yeah, some do and some don’t. Some of them do what is known as intermittent fasting. And it is great for fat loss and overall health. You will not eat breakfast and eat directly your lunch and then, dinner that’s it.

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Now, that is the just list from which you can create your own personal Morning Ritual.

How to Make your Own Morning Ritual:

Here is the guideline,

In your morning ritual make sure you have at least one activity for mind like meditation, reading, affirmation. And one for the body like working out, intermittent fasting.

And to get started just pick one or three from the above list and then, perform it for 30 days straight every morning and then, you can change it by adding something more to suit you better.

Here is my Morning ritual now, let me tell you before that I am currently improving it but from the moment I have the morning ritual, I am killing and conquering my day.

My Personal Morning Ritual:

>>> Waking up at 5 am

>>> Doing Meditation for 5 mins with Binaural Beats

>>> Cardio while listening to pumping song for 10 mins

>>> Walking outside while listening to songs for 20 mins

>>> Then, listening to motivational talks, videos or informational podcast

>>> Drinking Coffee and not eating breakfast

>>> Ready to Conquer the World

You will notice that I do meditation with Binaural Beats and it’s a pro-tip to use

Because with Binaural beats you are going to get into a meditative state much faster and Easier.

Now, After a while I will also add affirmations, and some Visualization, and  to my Ritual.

I don’t write a journal in the morning because I do that during the night-time before going to sleep.

I plan my day and create a To-do list before the day begins.

Like writing this Article is also on my To-do list I wrote last night. I performed my morning ritual and I am writing this article for you.

At the End: The Bottom Line is:

Now, At the end the bottom line is that you got to conquer and dominate your morning to prepare yourself to dominate your rest of the day like a Winner.

Just pick one or three activities from the list and get started, at first it does not have to be complicated in fact it’s very easy to start since, we have more willpower in the morning. So, do those Morning Ritual religiously.

Enjoy your Morning changing my Brothers, you can thank me anytime in the comments.

Until Next Time,
Your Comrade in War,

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