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How to Move Your Life Forward: the way of living life

How to Move your life Forward but first understand this, Movement is life, most of you have known this but never actually understand it or implement it.

Many of you like me have stuck at some point in life and some of you have even stuck now.

All of us have many goals, vision, or dreams but only few of them are serious to get them.

Two Ways to Live a Life:

There are many ways you can live your life, it’s unique to all of us. But, there is a category I observed the way, most people live their life.

Two Ways to live a life are:

1. flow way: it is a way where most of people fall, they live their lives based on the external factors.

2. Life Mover Way: it is a way where few people live, they live their lives the way they want, taking full responsibility.

Common Feature of Flow People:

1. Blaming a lot
2. Afraid of taking responsibility
3. Lack self-confidence and Assertiveness
4. Wishy-washy Thinking
5. Get Stuck in a place
6. Focus More on people
7. Hypersensitive to Criticism
8. Seek for Approval of others

Common features of Life Movers:

1. Taking full responsibility of life
2. Have Confidence and Assertiveness
3. Does not seek approval of others
4. Focus on themselves
5. Goal-oriented Thinking
6. Move their life forward
7. Handle their Emotions and are calm

Stoicism and Neuroticism:

Now, I am not only one talking about this, or came up with this idea. But in the ancient Europe, there were two group of philosophers or thinkers.

One group believed to live life like a flow, giving no resistance towards life and carnal desires and surrenders to it.

The Other group believed to take full control of your life, control your desires, emotions, and don’t let the emotions control you, and go through hardship. They are known as Stoic.

Now, you can think which one of the two you want to choose.

If you have some goals, purpose, ambitions, or vision then you know what’s the way you must live obviously the Life Mover ways.

It’s the way, you first accept and take responsibility for whatever the life you are living and then take some actions to move forward.

It’s harder than the go with the flow way of life, but hey, we are not plants, we have legs to move around and go for what we want.

How to Move your Life Forward:

First, Accept your Current Life:

Accept it for what it is, you can’t able to make changes if keep you ignoring it.

Accept your bad habits you have, I also have it, your failures, we all fails.

What you do if fail in a video game? You learn and start again, Accept that you are fat or too thin.

Second, Figure out what you can and cannot do:

we all have certain limits at certain times and situations, it can be that you want to start a business but your limit is you don’t have that money to start.

After accepting the things and now it time to figure out what you can do to change your life and move forward. Will it be easy? Heck, No.

For example of my story: I want to earn money online and get experience. But all I have is a half screen laptop, and average speed internet connection.

There were tons of different options to earn money online, some of them were garbage, and some of them needs a tons of money and experience.

I try figure out what I can do? I have been writing journals, for 8 years, I love writing and sharing knowledge. What’s the way to earn money from writing: Blogging and Started Theneway.

Another example: let’s say you are overweight and you want to change that and you don’t have access to Gym and you live with your mom.

Then, you can start calisthenics (body-weight exercise) it’s great for beginners.

You can check out the guide: How to Start Calisthenics

And for the diet since, you are living with your mom, you can ask your mom to help you with diets, you can try intermittent fasting for fat loss which is very easy to do or you can try keto diet.

Here is the Guide for Intermittent Fasting,

Check it out: Intermittent Fasting Beginner’s Guide

Ultimately, Figure what you can do to move forward in life and Keep it very simple.

Third, Make a Plan and Take Actions:

Once you figured it out what you can do and cannot do then, make the plan and take action. Yeah it’s that simple to say than doing.

What if the plan doesn’t work? then, figure out why it doesn’t work and then, make a new plan and take action again.

Now, you can focus on a particular area of life like: health, finance, relationship, personal, spiritual. Or, you can focus on a particular bad habit which is ruining your life.

And If for some reasons you don’t know what changes you want, then I will recommend,

check out: the best easy habits that will change your life


Most people are stuck in life, you know why that’s because they focus more on other’s lives then their own. Because of this, it results in sadness, loneliness, depression, unneeded stress.

Be more Selfish, because that’s what we all are stop trying to hide this fact. Even the selfless people are selfishly selfless.

I am ending this with a quote.

Only you can change your life. No one can do it for you

-Carol Burnett

Until Next Time,

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