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Nofap Challenge: WARNING It will Change your Life

What if I tell you that Nofap Challenge is something which will change your life.

And that there is one Habit that almost every Man have which is a major block for holding back your Success.

How? You asked, By Messing with your System and Body.

Let’s get started!

What Is Nofap

Nofap is a Challenge and a Community of people who restrain from porn and Masturbation.

As the porn became easily available to all of us, and more and more people are becoming addict to porn and masturbation which causes:

Anxiety, Lack of Confidence, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction (not able to get hard which Sucks), and many more problems.

That’s why this community come into existence to make people aware about the side-effects of porn and masturbation and how it can damage your life.

Because at the end of the day, Porn and Masturbation is like the others addiction like: smoking, drugs, and alcohol.

And there are many positive reports from people who do nofap. They experience many benefits and drastic changes.

So, That’s why I am also Challenging you to do Nofap Challenge for 30 Days.

Take The Nofap Challenge:

I am going to do Nofap Challenge with all you. And I will report after the challenge is complete. So, Make sure you subscribe to Theneway Above.

You can learn about the benefits of nofap challenge in the nofap reddit or, in it’s official website but I am just going to give you a short list.

1# More Motivation and Willpower: Nofap will reset and fix your dopamine system which was messed up because of the addiction. And in case, you don’t know yet,

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter which is responsible for your Motivation.

Check out, for More Dopamine: Dopamine the Key to Motivation

2# More Confidence: Getting more confidence naturally comes when you feel more good and have more motivation.

3# Less Anxiety: You are going to have less social anxiety, and will able to connect with people more deeply and easily.

4# More Testosterone: You are going to have high testosterone for the first week but after that, you are going to have more androgen receptors which increases the effect of testosterone.

Check out: 12 Sure Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

5# More Pleasure: When you have a good dopamine system, you are going to feel more satisfy, happy and good.

And so on and So forth. This gives more reasons to take Nofap Challenge.

Rules For Nofap Challenge:

Rules for Nofap Challenge are simple:

1. No watching Porn
2. No Masturbation or edging
3. For 30 Days

That’s it for 30 days, I can say that you will experience some benefits in the first week like higher drive and motivation.

Just keep yourself engage and Busy throughout the day. It will get more difficult with increasing days.

Also remember I am also going to do challenge with you and will report if I fail to do it.

You can then, make fun of me as much as you want. And be sure to read my articles on Dopamine and Testosterone to get the better understanding.

Until Next Time,

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