one arm push ups how to progress

From Push ups to One Arm Push ups: How to Progress

From Push ups to One Arm Push ups: How to Progress

If you are done with the push ups and Want to move to One arm Push ups. Then, Let me share with you my training technique which I used to learn One arm push ups within 2 weeks.

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Basic Requirements:

We don’t that much physical strength to pull off. But the Basic Requirement is you should able to do at least 20 push ups.

Now, If you can’t able to do 20 push ups Now! Then, Don’t worry I have a Strategy you can use to increase your reps.

To improve the reps of your push ups:
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The Progressions:

Now, We are going to do progression exercises to go from Push ups to one arm push ups. I am going to list them in order:

1# Diamond Push ups:

After getting comfortable with the regular push ups, bring your hands closer to each other and join them making a diamond-like shaped.

Now, do the push up normally. Diamond Push ups puts more focus on your triceps which will needed to the one arm push up.

2# Uneven Push ups:

When you can able to do 10 diamond push ups, move in to uneven push ups.

In this, you are going to put one of your hand higher than the hand on the ground.

With this, you are slowly training yourself put more load on one of your arm. Do the uneven push up with your non-dominant hand first and then, the dominant hand.

So, that you are increasing both of your hands strength equally.

3# Archer Push ups:

The goal of the uneven push ups is to move you into the archer push ups.

In this, you are going to put one of your hands further away to the sides. If you can’t able to do archer push ups with your one hand fully straight to the side.

Then, try gradual increase in your hand distance. Make your hand more and more further away when you get little adjusted.

Or, you can try doing archer push ups on your knees.

4# Incline One arm Push ups:

While doing the archer push ups. Also try incline one arm push ups.

In this, you are going to do the one arm push ups but you will put your hands above the ground like on the edge of the table, bed, or anything.

Just like the Incline Push ups, this will decrease overall weight you are putting on the arm. And the best part is that you can adjust the leverage.

If you want more intensity then, you will choose to place your hand on something closer to the ground or If you want less intensity then, place your hands on the higher above the ground

5# Negative One Arm Push ups:

If you don’t know about the Eccentric Training then, you don’t know how powerful this method is.

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The theory is that you are more stronger in your eccentric which means you can lower more heavier weights than you can lift it.

So, if you can’t able to do one arm push ups till now. Then,

Get into the form
Lower yourself as slowly as you can, while fighting against gravity.
Do this for 6 reps for each arm
For progression just increase the time it takes you to lower yourself

As soon as you will able to lower yourself taking 12 seconds, you will be able to do one-arm push up.

From then, you can increase the reps by working on the progressions and doing more negative.

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