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Pomodoro Technique: Increase Productivity and Focus

Pomodoro Technique is a Time Management Method to increase your productivity in work.

It uses timer and short breaks to break down the task or work into intervals to not wear yourself out and effectively finish the task.

By using Pomodoro Technique you can easily finish your work effectively even if you have a short attention span or a habit of getting distracted during work.

You can use Pomodoro Technique for Studying, projects, programming, and literally any type of work.

How To Use Pomodoro Technique:

1# Choose the Work or Task:

Choose a work or task you want to finish and needs your focus. Anything like studying for the test, finishing your projects, meetings and writing your book.

2# Set a Timer of 25 mins:

Now, you can use your phone to set a timer of 25 mins. Now,

Tell yourself that no matter what you are going to focus on the task for the next 25 mins. It’s just 25 mins no big deal.

But if you are getting trouble keeping your focus then,

Reduce your distraction and reduce your timer from 25 mins to 15 mins or 10 mins and when you get better increase the timer.

3# After the Time is Up:

When the timer is up, stop working and take out a paper and write the work you have done, make a box and check mark it.

4# Take a short 10-15 mins break:

Set the timer again to 10-15 mins and then, go for a walk, lay down, stretch, or do something else to relax.

5# When the Short break is Over:

When the 10-15 mins time is over, go back to your work and set the timer again to 25 mins or whatever you choose.

6# Repeat it 4 times:

Repeat this interval working 4 times. You will be able to get a lot of work done by this time. It’s okay even if not the entire work is done.

7# Take 20-30 mins Rest:

After doing the pomodoro interval work for 4 times, take a little longer break of 20-30 mins before returning back to the work or another task.

That’s pretty much How you Use Pomodoro Technique.

Pomodoro Technique for Studying:

Let’s take an example of studying. Let’s say you are studying for the exam then, how you are going to use pomodoro technique.

>>> Set up everything and the timer for 25 mins: make sure you have everything you need beforehand. Take your Phone and set the timer for 25 mins. And Study for 25 mins with full focus.

>>> Take a Short Rest for 10-15 mins: After studying for 25 mins, take a short break for 10-15 mins. Do whatever you want to help you relax just don’t get too absorbed that you forget to come back.

>>> Repeat it again for 4 times: After repeating for 4 times. Take a longer break of 20-30 mins and then, again you can do studying or some other task you need to do.

That’s it, see how easy it is. If you aren’t able to focus for full 25 mins then, you can only focus on for 10 mins and then, work your way up.

Remember your focus will improve from time and you will find yourself able to focus on the task for 2 hours straight without tiring yourself up.

Now, if you want to learn more about Pomodoro Technique then, Visit the Official Site of it’s Founder Francesco Cirillo.

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