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Practical Ways to Increase Growth Hormone Naturally

Growth Hormone is Hormone released by the Pituitary gland. Growth Hormone is also called “Youth Hormone” as it has many functions like:

i) Increase Height
ii) Fat Loss
iii) Muscle Gain
iv) Increase Cell regeneration
v) Maintain Quality of Skins and Hair

If you are some what in your puberty then you can increase GH for height, if you are an adult then you can increase it to lose fat, build muscles, and be more youthful.

Important Factors Which Affect Growth Hormone:

The Whole Endocrine System or your hormone system works by communicating with other hormones and body cells.

So, there is a hormone which blocks the release of Growth Hormone. These are:

i. Insulin

Now, Whenever Insulin is High then Growth Hormone will be low.
So, you have to manage the insulin levels.

Insulin is a Hormone which stores glucose to fat cells and put the body into the rest state and It also lowers the sugar levels in your body.

Now, let’s see the Ways to increase Growth Hormone:

1# Intermittent Fasting:

alternate intermittent fasting to increase growth hormone - theneway
Alternate Intermittent Fasting

Insulin levels increases whenever you eat and the food converted into the Glucose and hence, insulin is released.

So, the best way to decrease insulin to the minimum and increase Growth hormone by 300% is Fasting. You can Fast for any given time.

But the easy and effective strategy to implement into your lifestyle is Intermittent Fasting. It is pattern of eating only for a certain periods of time and then fast or not eat for the remaining day.


You can eat for 8 hours and Fast for 16 and this is the whole day schedule.

An Example of this is that you will eat only between 10 am to 6pm in which you can have your breakfast and lunch then you will not eat from 6pm to the next day 10 am.

This is the simple 16/8. You can also do 20/4 in which you only have 4 hours of eating window or time and fast for 20 hours. 16/8 is easy and for beginners.

This is also better for fat loss.

Fasting for 3 Days straight has shown to Increase Growth Hormone by 300%.

If you want to know how to do Intermittent Fasting and Many things about it, Then

Check it out: Intermittent Fasting: Full Guide for Beginners

2# High Quality Sleep:

high quality sleep to increase growth hormone - theneway
Blue Light can Disrupt your sleep and lower your Growth Hormone Levels

Growth Hormone is released maximum during the sleep by the pituitary gland and So, you need a good quality of sleep. And you don’t need more sleep but better sleep.

See this: How to Maximize Sleep Quality

And also the most important thing: Don’t eat food just before going to sleep.

You need to eat your dinner at least 2-4 hours before going to sleep as the rise in insulin will block the release of Growth Hormone.

This is a Habit which most of the people do and it lowers the natural release of GH.

3# Diet To Increase Growth Hormone:

Now, in the Diet we will do things which maintains the insulin levels.

So, In the Diet increase your fats intake and lower your Carbs and Sugars. Also,

Reduce or Eliminate Sugar. Sugar is everywhere but some food contains too much like cold drinks they pack up extra sugars which increases insulin levels very high so, avoid it.

Fat does not increase much insulin as it does get converted into glucose but fat gives more energy then Carbs.

Do Ketogenic Diet: It consist of high fat, moderate proteins and Low Carbs. This is actually very effective in fat loss.

4# Lactic Acid Training to increase Growth hormone:

Lactic Acid training to increase growth hormone - theneway
High Intense Workout with shorter rest period increases Growth Hormone

Exercise also increase Growth Hormone. Like in the Research: People who sprints all out for 30s get a high increase in GH levels.

Also there is Lactic acid which produces when you train anaerobically or when your muscles get low in oxygen.

This Lactic acid sends signals to the body to increase Growth Hormone.

So, In Exercise, you can sprint for 30s and do HIIT as your workout and Do some workouts which increases your lactic acid. More on this Later.


So, in the end you need to change some of your lifestyle habits like doing intermittent fasting, eating a keto diet, getting a good sleep and doing intense workouts.

The Increase in GH will increase muscle gain and fat loss both of which are great for changing body composition.

So, there you have it.
Until Next Time,
Be the Best,

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