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Quit Social Media Now! Reasons Why you Must

Why you Must Quit Social Media Now!!!

At the age of 12, I created my first Facebook Account and only after the month of using Facebook. I quit it.

Why? you asked, Well Why not. It’s was boring, people are constantly trying to get attention, girls are sharing selfies and telling to like their pics,

people were doing very stupid things and I also got told by a girl to quickly like her pic, it’s like she was in a competition. So, I just quit, I can’t able to handle that bullshit.

And from there on I never used Facebook even though I now have a blog, I still prefer Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora over Facebook.

I still have the Facebook Account and Instagram Account, But I don’t use it.

After a while, I realized that my Decision was very Right.

Why? Because of Instant Gratification and Dopamine Overload.

Yes, because of these things I still don’t use social media, and try to avoid it.

Social Media like: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram(worse one), Tik Tok (the new trendy trash) and More.

And Today I am going to tell you how social media is destroying your life completely. And How to Quit Social Media

Impacts Of Social Media:

At first, there was many positive impacts like: information became more easily accessible to all not matter the person. But only after a while things changed.

And we start to see people misusing the social media, and some companies actually starts to control us using social media and this makes quit social Media Platforms a best option

Why? Because all the companies want your Precious Attention, yeah they spend millions to get your attention and your Money. It’s all Business.

How I know this? I am Blogger Now, and the things you want in blogging are attention of users. More Users, More Views, More Money.

That’s why all social platforms spend millions on designs that will grab your attention and hook you on to their website so that you spend more and more time on their platform.

And they make Billions of Money from this. How? because of all the marketers, ads, and other companies who are trying to sell their products and promote it.

If you think that your time is invaluable then, know this that companies spend millions of money for your time.

-Sourav Yadav

Instant Gratification side effects of Social Media:

Instant Gratification means acting on your impulses of wanting the things very quickly. Like: if you are feeling down then,

you will drink alcohol instead of working out to get your mood right.

The Feature of Likes, and Shares get you into the habit of instant gratification. So, Like I told you above about the girl who told me to quickly like her pics.

She was chasing instant gratification, she wants her pics to get more and more likes. It’s satisfy her need for attention and approval.

So, you don’t really work to improve yourself, or go out to network with people to get the approval and attention, You will just open facebook or any other platform

And Bam! Notification of Someone Liked your pics or comment. And you get pleasure without ever going out.

This in result, makes you more unfocused, and Lazy.

Because hey work when you can get all pleasures temporarily just by sitting with the phone.

Hence, You get Lazier, more Unfocused and totally suck this is also reason to quit social media.

Dopamine Overload: How Social Media Sucks Your Motivation

I have talked about dopamine overload and how dopamine is the key to your Motivation and How the Modern Society is actually shitting on our dopamine system.

You can Read Here: Dopamine: Key to Motivation

But in short, we have a chemical inside our brain called Dopamine Which is actually plays a important role in regulating our motivation and pleasure.

Naturally, Whenever you do something that ensure your survival like: eating a high-calorie food, or fucking. It releases Dopamine and you feel good.

But, in the modern society this system of dopamine is getting shit by almost everything. From Alcohol, Drugs, Porn, to Social Media.

And when it happens you produce less Dopamine and you then feel more depressed, low energy, unhappiness, and not willing to do anything.

So, that’s why Social Media is also sucking your Motivation from you.

Now, You can know more about the Dopamine and how to fix your System. I highly recommend to read my article on Dopamine.

But, But there are still more things Social Media do to your Life. And More reasons to quit social media.

More Reasons to Quit:

1# Social Media Destroy your Confidence:

Why not? you are constantly there for social approval and validation of others, if they think and approve that you are cool then, you will think that you are cool.

This destroys confidence try to quit social media for a month and you will realized how free you are feeling when there are no one judging you for doing your own shit.

2# You start to Compare yourself with fake others:

You are scrolling down the feeds and you will see all the pics of others having a great time in great destination with great friends. And you will think,

“Gosh, They are so happy and having a awesome times”, But it’s not I have seen people who shares pics of them enjoying and pretending to have a good time.

But in reality, there relationships sucks, they are constantly at debts, they are not happy with themselves and hate their lives. I have met many of them.

While I was without social media accounts was having a blast and they are actually more jealous of my way of living. Someone asked me,

“How can you be so Smart and Cool and happy?” to which I don’t know how to reply then, because I was just living my life like normal.

So, Remember One SINGLE THING: Whatever you see on Social Media is not True and Probably Fake people pretending.

3# Bullshit Information Junkyard:

With social media and internet comes the Era of Information where anyone can share any information and knowledge and anyone can access it.

That is all great. But after a while, people starts to use Social Media as their Junkyard. Where they will throw their Bullshit Advice, information, and many Lies.

Now, some platforms have more better resources and you can get more knowledge from it like: YouTube, Quora, and StackOverFlow.

These platforms also contains some bullshits but nonetheless, if you are smart enough then, you will be able to dig some gold out of it.

Other than that, Don’t ever believe the lies, advice, or any information
without confirming it. NEVER!

4# It Controls YOU!:

It’s the most dangerous fact but, it’s true and just accept it. We Humans are social creatures and we do things which are socially accepted and approved.

If there a lots of people doing a thing then, we will also do it. That’s Human Nature. So, Social Media take this to Extreme.

Think about that, millions of people are in social media platforms, they talk, they share, and also they are the one who decides what will trend or not.

So, when you have a huge amount of people gathering at some sites then, the companies have too much power. Don’t Believe me. Then,

Think what will happen if Facebook shuts down for a week. The Whole world will be shock, many companies will be loss because they promote their products using Facebook. And Many more things will Happen.

So, this is how powerful social media is becoming. If a lots of people believe in a lie then, more and more people without ever confirming or thinking will believe it.

Key Point: They are controlling you by showing what is trending, how you should dress, talk, and live a life. They are many things social media is doing to control us. But I will not go into that deep Now.

Another Reason to Quit Social Media.

5# Attack on Privacy:

Now and then, we get some News of Facebook data leaks. But, many people leak their private information themselves.

If you know something about hacking then, you will probably come across of something called Social Engineering. This is also fall into hacking.

But for this you no longer require a computer. But you will get the information about the person by interacting with them socially.

And if you think, “No way it’s going to work” well then, hear this. A hacker using social engineering get passwords from people by exchanging his pen.

Now that’s stupid. But in social media we all are doing the same thing. How?

You will post the pics of locations you visit, foods you eat, dress you wear, people you hang out with and the relationships you have.

You are literally giving every personal information to social media and then, lots of people will study you and then, they will know more about you then you know yourself.


How to Quit Social Media:

You can deactivate your accounts of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, all others bullshit I don’t know. Then, you can also try Quora, LinkedIn.

You can go No Social Media For 30 Days.

I will recommend that you are using social media for a while like a year or more then, do No Social Media Challenge for 30 days then, you can use

other social media platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, or something useful.

What’s important is that you must keep trying to quit Social Media.

Bye for Now,
Until Next Time,

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