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Calisthenics Shoulder Exercises For Bigger Shoulder

Big shoulders are very beneficial. It complements the physique, the back, and chest strength.

So let’s get started on how to build bigger shoulders with calisthenics with these shoulder exercises

Three Shoulder Muscles:

The shoulders actually comprise of three muscles: Front Delts, Medial Delts, and Rear Delts.

Front Delts are the shoulder muscles located on the front part so when you do push-ups you will feel some strain the front part.

Middle Delts are the shoulder muscles located on the middle part of your shoulder. It is used when you try to move something away from your body.

Rear Delts are the shoulder muscles located in the back part. It is used when you try to pull something then, both the back and rear delts get to activate. So, strong rear delts will increase your pull-ups.

Shoulder Exercises:

>>> Pike Push-ups: Pike push-up is the basic shoulder exercise in calisthenics and it is similar to shoulder press. It targets the middle delts.

>>> Pseudo planche push-ups: It is harder variation of push-ups and the progression for the full planche push-ups. It’s great for the front delts.

>>> Inverted Rows: For this you need to find a low bar. Inverted Rows is a great for back but it also targets the rear delts.

>>> Face Pulls: You can do face pulls with a resistance band or on the low bar. Get in the position of the inverted rows. Then, bring your hands closer and pull yourself and make your face touch the bar.

How to Progress:

What if all these exercises get boring and very easy. Then, do the progressions.

>>> Elevated Pike Push-ups: The progression of pike push-ups. Just put your feet on something higher than the ground and do the pike push-ups.

>>> Handstand Push-ups: The ultimate progression of pike push-ups. You can do assisted handstand push-ups by using a wall. And then progress to free handstand push-ups.

>>> Planche Push-ups: The Ultimate progression of pseudo-planche push-ups.

>>> Head Bangers: Exercise for the Rear Delts.

>>> Weighted Pull-ups: Weighted Pull-ups are great for the back and the rear delts also.

The rep range should be a little higher as it is a small muscle group. So, between 10-25 reps and 2-3 sets.

And do the rear delts exercises on the back Exercises day. Front Delts exercises on the Chest Day. And the Middle, on the leg day.

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