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Superset: Reduce Time and Increase Muscle Mass

The Superset is a set when you perform two exercises without resting in between.

So, For Example: You will do 10 pushups and without rest do 10 chin ups. This is 1 superset.

By doing supersets you reduce your overall workout time by a lot but also increase your intensity and you will build more muscles.

Benefits of SupersetS:

I love doing Superset, and Arnold Schwarzenegger also does too. He used to do dumbbell chest flies and then, without rest chin ups.

So, let’s quickly cover the benefits of supersets:

>>> Reduce Time: Cutting the rest between the exercises, you will save a ton of time for other exercises.

>>> Increase Intensity: By cutting the rest between the exercise you are doing more work in less time. So, you are basically overloading your muscles. Which is great for building muscles.

>>> Increase Fat Loss: You will burn a lot of calories with superset as you are resting very less and doing more work. It is also very Metabolic.

>>> Increase Endurance: Moving quickly from one exercise to another exercise of the opposite muscle group will force your blood to continually flow from one muscle to another.

So, if you do chest exercises and then superset with the back exercises then,

The blood will flow to the chest and then to your back and this will create a metabolic state. And it will increase your Endurance as you are resting very less.

How to Do Superset:

For doing the superset, you will have to choose two exercises now, the exercises you choose can be for:

>>> Opposite muscle Group (Chest and Back)
>>> Same Muscle Group (Chest and Chest)
>>> Totally Different Group (Middle Delts and Calves)

For Opposite muscle groups, Do Superset of Chest and Back. So, one exercise of the chest and another of Back.

Biceps and Triceps, Front Delts, and Rear Delts. Like that. Just any muscle groups that are opposite just adds them together and do it.

For the Same Muscle Group, For Example, Two exercises of chest muscles. You will do this to focus more on the chest and tear it down more.

So, One exercise like Dips and then Push-Ups. And other examples are Pull-ups and Chin-ups,

Squats and Lunges, Leg Raises, and Planks.

For the different Muscle Group, there are muscle groups that do not have any opposite and you don’t want to target that much.

For Example, Your Middle Delts and Calves.

So, you can superset with other exercises you like. So, like Middle Delts with Calves or Obliques.

How to Do Superset:

1. Do the First Exercise
2. Take a Breath
3. Do the Second Exercise
4. Rest for 2 mins
5. Repeat this set for as many times as you want

That’s it. Have Fun crushing your Workout with this set strategy. Also,

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Until Next Time,
Sweat More,

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