Take Action - 3 things that stops you from taking action

Can’t Take Action: 3 Things that Stops you From Taking Action

Desires and Dreams are all good but it’s the action that gives you results and counts.

If all you do is dreaming then, you are being only wishful and this will not get you anywhere in life.

Most of the people wish and desire to have a muscular fit body, make millions, achieve success. But only a small fraction of people are willing to do what it takes.

Others just wish to get that. But in reality, all the things you want can be achieved with some consistent action.

So, if you want a fit ripped physique then, All you have to do at first is follow a workout routine, and watch over your diet and lifestyle.

And, if you want to get good at something then, you got to practice it every day, learn more and more about it.

There is no need to just wish for it when you can actually achieve it.

Whatever is it you want? It has a path, way, and system to achieve it. Want a better body, make more money, or anything else.

Guess what? There are already lots of bodybuilding routines, and diet routines to follow to get a better body.

There are already lots of skills, strategies, and options to make more money. Like: Copywriting, Blogging, Investing, E-commerce, Coaching.

All you need to do is learn and take action. So, now the real question arise, Why the Hell you are not taking action?

3 Things That Stops You From Taking Action:

Taking Action Requires two things:

>>> Clarity
>>> Motivation

Or, in short What you need to Do and Why you need to Do it?

If you don’t understand then, keep reading.

1. Fear The Biggest for taking Action:

Want to know the secret for becoming brave. Just take Action even when you are scared as hell.

Fear is the Biggest Enemy. Fear of Failure, Fear of the Unknown and, Paralysis of Analysis all of this prevents you from taking action.

As Fear of failure prevents you from starting a business, executing a plan, Giving a speech, exams, and lots of things.

And Fear of Unknown prevents you from moving to new places, starting something new, doing something new.

Now, Enough Talk. Let’s Get right into how to kill it.

>>> Slap yourself In the Face:

I am not even kidding. Seriously if you are trapped inside paralysis of analysis then, slapping yourself or other physical stimulation will get you out of your mind quickly and back to your senses.

So, if you find yourself not able to take action and overthinking inside your head then, pinch yourself, slap yourself and it will get you out of there.

>>> Box Breathing

Box breathing is used by soldiers to make themselves calm during the heat.

For this, you have to breath in for 4 secs, hold for 4 secs, breath out for 4 secs, and hold again for 4 secs. Repeat this for 2 mins and it will bring your focus to your body, make you calm and You will be able to think and take action.

>>> Practice Stoicism

Practice Stoicism and it will help you to control your emotions and be mentally tough against your fear.

Ask yourself: What the worst could happen and what can you do?

Visualize the Worst case scenario and the Best Case Scenario.

2. Lack of Clarity:

I told you how you need to know what to do and why to do in order to take action.

Most people don’t even know their intention or plan of action. Ask yourself honestly: Do you want to do it or not? if Yes then, What you need to do?

Simplify. You can’t achieve your one big goal of getting into shape just by one action. No! you need to take consistent different actions.

So that’s why ask yourself what you can do now? How you can start now? What is the small change you can make now?

Create a Simple System and Routine to achieve your goals. So, if you want to be in better shape then, start doing a simple workout every day.

Read: How to start working out The NO-BS Way

If you want to make more money then, think about what you can do now? Investing, freelancing, or something else. Research and Read books on this.

Clarify what you want and what you need to do.

3. Procrastination:

Procrastination means simply to make excuses and not take action. What to do?

>>> Count Down To 5

Yeah, If you know what to do now. And you are only making excuses then, count down to 5 and go do it. Take Action!

Let’s say you are reading this and want to drink some water okay then, I am counting down to 5 and when I get to zero go grab the water and drink it. Ready

5…4…3…2…1…Go Take the Damn Action!

Until Next Time,
Go After what you Want, Stop being a Dreamer,

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