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The Benefits of High Rep Training. Give It a Try!

Benefits of High Rep Training

Are you a Fan of Low Rep Heavyweights training then, Very Good. It feels amazing when you are doing very intense training with heavyweights.

But let’s talk about the benefits of high rep training. High rep training means you are using lighter weights and reps of 20, 25, 50, or even 100.

And also if all you do is low rep training then, you are limiting your growth very much.

As we can see many Popular People Like AlphaDestiny also talks about the need for high volume and rep training.

So, let’s get started:

Benefits Of High Rep Training:

1# Very Low Injury Risk:

During heavy, and intense training you are more likely to injure yourself. No matter how cautious you are, you will get injury at some point.

Injuries of ligaments and tendons are very common. This happens because your muscles get too strong too fast then the tendons and ligaments to adjust.

But with the high rep training the risk of injury is very very low.

2# Increase Ligament and Tendon Strength:

From the previous point, we know that our muscles can grow much faster than the ligaments and tendons.

Your Ligaments and Tendons takes 2 months to grow stronger. And the high rep training increases the strength of the tendons and ligaments.

And no matter how much stronger your muscles are, if the tendons and ligaments are weak then, their strength will limited. So, if you are stuck in a plateau then, try high rep training.

3# Increase in Metabolic Effect:

When you are doing a high rep training then, your muscles will be producing lots of lactic acids which will force you to stop and give you the burning sensation.

The lactic acid and all these reactions will create a metabolic effect which increases Growth Hormone. This helps to increase muscle mass.

4# Increase Blood Circulation:

Doing high rep training increases blood circulation. Your body will create new capillaries to transfer blood, nutrients and hormones to the muscles.

This will also make you more Vascular.

5# Increase Fat Loss:

With the high rep training you will sweating a lot, and with mixture of metabolic effect, and growth hormone. Your Body will be burning fat like hell.

6# Increase Muscle Endurance:

High rep training increases your muscle endurance by shortening the rest period and increasing the work load.

You also learn to push through the pain and burning sensation. And that will build the discipline and Iron will you will need in life.

7# Quick Recovery:

High rep training does not put that much stress on the central nervous system than the low rep training.

Because of this you are going to recover a lot quicker and this quick recovery is great for increasing frequency of the workout or if you are busy in work and does not want to feel pain all day long.


Now, if you are confused to what to do. Whether keep doing the low rep training or start the high rep training then,

I say that you will do both. Why even choosing of those when you can do both. At some point you will have to use low rep training and at some point you will have to do high rep training.

So, periodize this. Like for 2 weeks you are going to do low rep training, then for 2 weeks you are going to high rep training.

Or, You can do P.H.A.T where you are doing low rep training for 2 days and high rep training for 3 days.

Until Next Time,
Keep Pumping,

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