Add Some Variety in Workouts it’s Important

Having some Variety in your Workouts is important for keep on progressing, and building an overall physique.

Now, you may be Saying, “But is it not okay to just focus on my Goal?” yeah it’s okay to focus on your goal of building muscles, fat loss, strength.

And you should focus on your specific goal, but in your workout soon you will hit plateau or the fancy way of saying that it will get harder and harder to progress further with the current workout you do.

Then, you have to try different workout strategies, rep scheme, or just entire different training routine.

As all the things like strength, muscles, and endurance are inter-linked together.

Why To Add Variety in Workouts:

The Main Reasons to Consider Adding some variety in your workouts are:

1. Maintaining Balance: it make sure that your strength, muscles, and endurance, Mobility, Flexibility are all well-balanced.

2. Keeping it Challenging: If your workouts are challenging then, you are just joking around. When you try diverse training like aerobics, balance, flexibility, mobility, etc. You will keep your workouts challenging and less boring.

3. Defeat Plateaus: If you are doing the same routine every day for 4 months then, you will soon hit plateau or a point where you can’t progress further. At that point you have to find other ways to stimulate and challenge your body. So, Add variety beforehand.

How Strength and Muscles are Linked:

Let’s say for example: you want to build muscles. Okay so, how can you benefit from doing some strength training well, you can get a lots of benefits from it.

When you Build Strength, you will able to lift more weights, thus, more strength, more muscles you will build.

And this will also results in progressive Overload which is a basic method of building muscles. And Adding Variety in workouts will make sure that you are far from plateau

How Endurance and Muscles are Linked:

Now, Let’s again say that you want to build Muscles, so how can you benefit from the strength endurance training like circuits, metabolic training, etc.

Well, when you do endurance training, you increase your blood flow to your muscles and also release Growth hormone which will create a metabolic effect and nourish your muscles to grow.

Or, It’s the Metabolic Stress method to build muscles. Here, again adding variety in your workouts is beneficial.

Also, If you want to Know How to Increase Growth Hormone Naturally then, Read This: Practical ways to Increase Growth Hormone

Variety for Overall Body:

Now, if you are not in the top-level sports like Powerlifters, BodyBuilders or a Marathon Runner then, you wouldn’t want to build a body full of muscles but isn’t strong enough.

Or, just a strong body but can’t able to use your strength for longer and that will be very bad. We want a strong, athletic, Well-Built Physiques.

That’s why it’s important to Add some Variety in your Workouts. How much and How you can? Let’s Talk about that.

How Much Variety to Add in Workouts:

The First and the Main goal is to Focus on your Specific Goals. After then, you can add variety every week, every two week, or every month.

But First, make sure that you are not distracted and off track from your Goal.

How to Add Variety in your Workouts:

You can Variety by changing and doing anything differently.

So, Like: if you always do 8-12 reps then do 1-6 or more than 100 reps.
changing rep ranges can change results, and also if you do full range motion then, try partial reps they are not as bad as you think.

Or, just try different sets like reverse pyramid sets, supersets, dropsets, etc.
and also you can try entirely different training method. So, like 5/3/1 method, German Volume Training, Lactic-Acid Training and Many More.

You can also do different exercises for the same movement or muscle group, this way you will stimulate different parts of muscle fibers.

Try Decreasing Tempo, so you can do super slow pushups while taking 4secs or 30secs to complete.

You can find more diverse and different training techniques, methods, routines, rep-scheme to try and experiment with. Pick one, try it, include it if you like, move on. Below are the links for more new Variety.

Useful Links:

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