12 Sure Ways to Increase Testosterone levels Naturally

Hey guys, In this I will tell you the 12 Sure Ways to increase testosterone levels naturally. Let’s get started with talking about benefits real quick so that you know what you are missing.

Benefits of high testosterone:

  1. Increase Drive and Motivation
  2. More focus and Clarity
  3. Dense and stronger bones
  4. Improved Mood
  5. Increase muscle mass
  6. Lower fat
  7. Healthy heart pressure
  8. Lower stress levels
  9. More confidence
  10. Hair growth
  11. Improve reproductive functions

Important thing TO KNOW:

Before we get into the ways to increase testosterone let’s first understand and know some important formula. What formula? well, here they are:

a. Higher Cortisol Levels = Lower Testosterone levels
b. Higher Estrogen Levels = Lower Testosterone Levels

Understand it. No! okay then, I will simplify it.

So, these two hormones: Cortisol(Stress hormone) and Estrogen(female hormone) are the biggest enemies of testosterone.

How Cortisol decreases Testosterone Levels:

Whenever these hormone levels increases in your body, your testosterone level decreases. Cortisol is a stress hormone and it releases in response to stress.

It’s important but when we are in stress over a longer period of time,

this hormone have devastating effects like decreasing muscles mass, lowering testosterone, etc.

How Estrogen decreases Testosterone Levels:

And Estrogen is mainly referred to as female hormone even though it’s found in both men and women,

because this hormone is more important for women.

This hormone increases fat storage, ensure the development of female characteristics such as wider hips, more fat, breast, and all other things.

But when this hormone levels increases in men, it lowers the testosterone levels which is unhealthy.

Now, you know it what these two hormone do to testosterone so now we can move on to the ways to increase testosterone levels.

12 Ways to increase Testosterone levels:

1# Quality Sleep:

quality sleep to increase testosterone

There is many reasons to put this at the very first since, it is the most important thing people neglect.

During the sleep is when your body releases most of the testosterone levels and you wake up with an erection.

Also many studies has shown that sleep deprivation increases Cortisol levels and as you know decreases testosterone.

So, Make sure you get 7-9 hours of undisturbed sleep, and fix your Circadian Rhythm to increase your sleep quality.

For more on this, check out: How to Maximize Sleep Quality

2# Testosterone-Increasing Workout:

testosterone workout to increase testosterone

Workout in general is very good for your health and hormones, but with some few tweaking we can get workout to release more testosterone.

Now, The more muscles you have, the more testosterone. So, do workouts to increase muscle mass and burn fats.

Workout focusing on compound heavy lifts with high intensity releases more testosterone. As, compound lifts targets more muscle groups and,

high intensity increases more muscles fibers recruitment. Thus, focus on more strength full body workouts.

Now I am not expert on workout, I just do my own calisthenics workouts. So, for this,

you can go and check out: T-nation

Also, don’t workout for more than an hour as then your body will start releasing Cortisol which you know, will decrease testosterone.

3# Nofap:

nofap to increase testosterone and androgen receptors

With the large availability of free porn which you can get access to with some clicks, raises the addiction of masturbation. Which is very harmful to your body and Brain.

We will not talk about that in this article in depth. But this is where Nofap comes in.

Nofap means sustaining from porn and masturbation. Studies shows that not masturbating for 7 days increases testosterone by 45.7%

But after that it decreases, some explanation for this is the increase in androgen receptors which is where things get interesting.

No matter how high testosterone you have if you have less androgen receptor then, you will see any effects of testosterone.

So, it’s important to have more androgen receptors to use your testosterone.

That’s what you can accomplish with nofap or no porn or masturbation.

Nofappers in general experience many incredible benefits so,

You can check it out: Nofap.com

4# Sun Exposure to Increase Testosterone:

sun exposure increases testosterone

You get vitamin D which is a precursor to testosterone, or let’s say it signals to release testosterone before releasing it. Also, it good for bones and health.

Sun exposure also helps to increase sleep quality

But the interesting part is that there had been a research on athletes in which they found that when the athlete’s chest and back were exposed to UV lights

then, their testosterone increased by 120% but the biggest increase came when their testicles exposed to UV light which increases their testosterone by 200%

Now, I am not telling you to roast your balls to sunlight No! don’t but I am telling to get some sunlight exposure. Okay Good.

5# Cold Showers:

cold showers increase testosterone

Cold Showers increases testosterone no one knows exactly why, but there are some explanation like: cold showers make your testicles cooler and hence, more functional to produce testosterone.

And also cold showers gives a relaxing effecting which decreases cortisol and you know it increases testosterone.

So, take cold showers very very cold.

6# Lose Fat / Gain Fat:

lose fat to increase testosterone

Now, here is an interesting thing to consider: the more fat you have, the more estrogen. And more estrogen means less testosterone.

It’s work this way: your fat tissues releases enzyme called aromatase which converts testosterone into estrogen. So, all the testosterone you have

will convert into estrogen when you are fat.

So, lose fat. Now, I said fat not weight okay. Many of us think that if we lose weight then, we are losing fat but that’s not it.

Your body is more likely to lose muscles than fat so you might be losing your muscle mass and hence, losing weight.

So, what you can do is lose fat percentage yes, you can measure the fat.

Now, normally you should strike for 10-15% fat. Note: if you have extremely low fat percentage then, your testosterone will still decrease.

Change your Diet, do some workouts, increase your daily activity and you are good to go.

7# Inhibit Aromatase:

aromatase converts testosterone to estradiol

Now, if you have skipped this article then, I will remind you that aromatase is a enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen which you don’t want to happen.

Fortunately you can block aromatase. There are some compounds which can block and inhibit aromatase and you can found this compound very easily in

Cruciferous Vegatables like: cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, etc. Make sure you eat them in your diet to Increase testosterone.

There are also many pills to inhibit aromatase but I will not recommend it as I haven’t tried any of that.

8# Power Poses:

power poses to instantly boost testosterone

Power poses are power poses, certain poses which signifies power, victory, success, and dominance.

It’s seem simple and ineffective but in an experiment: a group of people told to do power pose like: raising the arms up and creating V shape before bungee jump.

the other group where told to do reverse, lowering and closing your body, like squeezing inside like a caterpillar. what they found?

They found that people who did power poses seen a increased testosterone and were more likely to jump whereas, the other group seen decreased testosterone and were less likely to jump.

This demonstrate the power of Power Poses and body language.

So if need a quick instant boost in testosterone let’s say before meeting, interview or any other reasons then, just do power poses for 2 minutes.

9# Take care of your Diet:

diet for increasing testosterone

For Diet Eat more Fats but wait fats will make me more fatter and it’s unhealthy right? No! wrong Fats contain cholesterol which is a major component for testosterone.

Now, not all fats are healthy so eat healthy fats like Monounsaturated and saturated Fats. You can find these in butter, eggs, red meat, almond, Nuts, Avocado, etc.

Also Consume Zinc, and Magnesium. Zinc is very important for sperm production and shown to increase testosterone.

Mos of us are Zinc Deficient because of constant masturbation habits that’s why doing nofap is important.


Also Avoid Soy products. Soy increases estrogen and as you know it decreases testosterone. No wonder we have so many Soyboys nowadays.

Also Avoid Calorie Restriction Diet for long periods, it will increase your cortisol levels and as you know which decreases testosterone.

10# Release your Aggression

boxing for testosterone

Channeling your aggression is a very great way to relax and increase testosterone.

I will suggest you to get a Boxing bag and then just beat it, punch it, kick it, release your aggression. You will feel a very good relief after that.

Aggression and Testosterone goes hand in hand.

So, Channel your Aggression by playing a sport, working out very intensely or any other way you like.

11# Win (the winner effect):

winner effect to increase testosterone

There is a thing called the Winner Effect which basically states that when you win your chances of winning against a stronger opponent increases.

In a Study it was observed that when a player wins their testosterone increases and they are more likely to win the other matches.

But when they lose their testosterone decreases and they are more likely to lose the next match until they win again.

This explains why Winners win more and Losers lose more.

So, take part in competitions and win, even if you lose just keep playing for the win. Also play the game you are more likely to win.

12# Just Chill:

just chill to increase testosterone

Just Chill dude. Don’t take shit seriously. The more chill you are, the less cortisol you produce and, the more testosterone you have.

Do Meditation, improve your sleep, Listen to music or Binaural beats, and take cold showers.

That’s it Just stress yourself out. If you are feeling some emotions which causes you stress then, let it out by punching or kicking a bag.


There you go as you can see there are lots of ways you can increase your testosterone levels and don’t forget to Subscribe to my Newsletters.

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Now, you can go and implement these ways really quick like:

When you wake up do some exercises and if you do some cardio then limit it to 20 minutes or do HIIT. After have eggs in your breakfast, After that take cold showers.

Do some exercises like pushups while you are waiting for something or half squat holds or Just Grease the Grooves so like that you can maintain a active lifestyle.

So, I just showed you how to implement these tips.

Until Next time,

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