How to Win the New Year’s Plan: new year 2020 Special

Hello there, new year 2020 is coming soon after this month and Most of the people have already come up with a New Year’s Resolution.

Well the truth is, most of the new year’s plans fails. Some can persist with the resolution for a day or a week and then after that

when they get distracted, misses a day or any other excuses they quit. It happens many times. And it is very disappointing.

So, Here I am going to give some tips to create a New Year’s Resolution Plan and How to crush them. Let’s Begin.

Setting a New Year’s Plan:

For many of you the new year’s Plan look like this:

“From this New Year, I am going to Gym regularly, build some muscles. Or, I am going to start studying regularly and get better marks”.

Something like this and Whenever they misses a day, they quit and say they are going start it the next Year.

Now, the New Year is a new beginning and so they put all their new habits to new year.

Now, there is a more better way to create a New Year’s Resolution Plan with just a little shift.

The Better Way to Plan:

  1. Write down what habits you want to build, things you want to do or the goals you want to achieve this new year 2020.
  2. And Set the Time to be the end of the Year that is coming like: If you are starting in 2020 then the end time will be 2021.
  3. You are going to build habits, do the things or achieve the goals within the one years.
  4. Make Sure the Goal you want to achieve should be achievable within one year time.

Now, Some of you maybe asking “What the Heck!, What this will do”,

Well, if you have ever read some self development article on goal setting then you might that most important thing in goal setting the Time for achieving it.

Without the Limited time, there will be no urgency and this setting the time to the end of the year will give you enough time to achieve

the Goals and come back when you misses a day or two.

Now, If you are willing to improve your life, but don’t know where to start then,

Check out this: Habits that can Change your Life

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